• There was a tale from far, far away, of a powerful queen who ruled her kingdom lavishly. Every beautiful thing must be hers and hers alone, regardless the price and expenses, and whoever dared to own even one beautiful item was put to death right away. She was said to possessed one red eye and one blue, and had the rosiest lips anyone had seen. She ruled for exactly 70 years bearing only one son. Her majesty's husband and lover only lived for two years after their rather extravagant royal wedding; for he was murdered one evening and no one seemed to know the cause. Their child was never seen in public after he was born, and his whereabouts are still unknown unto this day. Her richly decorated scepter was buried in beside her upon her death. People would say that no one attended her funeral but the royal guards, a few courtiers, and servants all garbed in gold. However, one loyal knight had declared to have seen a black clad figure standing and leaning against a tree a mile away from the queen's memorial service, wearing a black hooded cape and had his head covered by the hood; his face was hidden in the shadows as though he did not want to be recognized. No one knew who it could be, even by this description.
    The kingdom did not prosper much after her death, but it had broken up into four different sections and became to be known as North, South, East, and West. To most people in those times, since the queen's majestic reign and many years later after her death, she was simply known as The Crimson Queen.