• Zaria was a young girl who loved to investigate paranormsl events.
    She heard of strange disappearences in the cemetary behind a said to be
    "haunted" forest.
    So one night she desided to investigate.
    She wore a long black dress,black boots and let her hair flow down.
    She kept a small knife in her boot she never left home without it.
    She heard that the people who disappearted saw a headless horseman wearing a civil war uniform.
    She ran in the dark silently so she wouldt be caught.
    She approched the forest and hesitantly walked into it with her
    barely lit lantern.

    ontop of old widows hill was a silouetted man on a horse.
    The man then put a jack o lantern were his head was suposed to go
    his horse stood on its back legs and the horseman laughed wth his sword in the air and rushed into the forest.

    Zaria heard a distant pack of wolves near bye,and she heard something else.
    She froze in her tracks the wolves came closer but ran past her as if running from someone....or something.
    Then there standing before her was the Headless Horseman.
    H drew his sword and slashed at her but intentonaly missed.
    She fell back to the ground and froze there as the horseman laughed and disapeared into thin air.
    Zaria got up and stated walking again.
    Questions were zooming around in her head.
    Now walking in the dark since her lantern broke,
    shhe stumbled onto a grave marker that said.
    Here lies Eachuin Maclean whos head was cut off by the north.
    She then saw a shadow casting over her.
    she turned and there was the horseman.
    She fell against the headstone as the horseman said
    "My fire is gone left not a spark,I shhall send you myself,to the lifeless dark"
    and then he swiped his sword as she dodges and pulled out her knife.
    The horseman laughed and kicked it out of her and and knocked her out.

    The next morning she found herself on her parents door step.
    "Was it all a dream?" she asked herself but then saw hoof prints going to and from her house.

    About ten years later in a different country people started seeing a
    Headless Horseman.
    Will you read a young boy and his fathers encounter.
    or will you chiken out?