• heart Blood is only red tears.
    ''GET AWAY FROM ME!!,''He cried,hiding in the corner,knife pointed at his broken heart.
    Where does love go?Do emotions die or lie in our hearts,locked up,stored away...?
    ''I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU ANYMORE!,''Tears ran down his bloody cheeks,trying to slide farther away.
    He doesn't want to hurt me?I almost died because of his beatings.
    ''Go...Leave me,be happy with someone who can love you and keep you safe.''
    Leave you?Safe...?What is safe...I miss that feeling...
    I reached out to him,and he flinched as i rested my abused hand on his recovering shoulder.
    ''I will never leave you.You are all I have...,''I smiled,whispering gently to the one hurt so bad.
    ''You don't know what you're saying.''He looked up at me,pure evil reflecting in his eyes.
    He slowly stood,staggering a little.
    He came up to me behind,arm around my waist.
    ''You don't love me.''
    I felt the metal on my neck.
    ''You lie.You don't love me,and you never have!''
    The point was digging into my neck,a trickle of blood running down my neck.
    ''You...You..''He grimaced.
    ''YOU NEVER LOVED ME!!''He screamed,and I fell to the ground,blood everywhere.
    ''I hate you,with every...You...I HATE YOU!''He sobbed,uncontrollably.
    I smiled weakly,''Seth...You're so wrong...I love you.I always have...I love the sweet,gentle person you are.''
    I saw him shaking.
    ''Raine...I'm so sorry...''
    My eyes slowly closed,as I tried to fight off the overcoming darkness.
    ''I love y...''

    How did I end up here?
    How things go from perfect to this Hell?
    It all started one dreary September of the last year...

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