• Prologue

    Rain slowly trailed their way down the window. It had been bleak and rainy all day which seemed to match the blonde's mood, depressed. She had no one around her she wasn't even sure where her family were anymore. A shuffle could be heard on the other side of the room the 16 year old sat in. Still she didn't lift her eyes from the window fully aware of the cause of the noise.

    “You know moping like that isn't good hasn't anyone told you that before, Margret,” a smooth voice came from the location that the noise had began just mere moments ago.

    The girl, Margret, turned to speaker. “Of course I’ve been told Henri. Now what form are you in?” her voice was stern. She couldn't have a random guy appear in her room, even she couldn't see her parents or anyone who would care, it was still improper.

    A soft chuckle sounded from the shadows and a figure emerged. “I thought you preferred it when I took my human form.” the smooth voiced that was called Henri purred. A flash of lightning lite up the darkened room revealing a slender bodied male with enchanting green eyes and brown hair. If he were to be described in one word, it would be handsome. However in Margret's opinion he was anything but handsome she didn't think he was even cute. No, the blonde simply tolerated the male because she really had no other choice; After all they were bound. She had the mark to prove it, and it was that same mark, that same guy who had ruined her life