• Weather you knew it.
    Weather you acknowledged it.
    Weather you noticed it.
    Weather you cared about it.

    You have created me.

    There, sitting in the dark corner, chained to the walls of this cold, dark, ominous room, sat a girl. She looked to be no older than 18 and yet, no younger than 16. Clothed in a torn black tee shirt, and black skinny jeans, this girl sat there, curled up in a ball with her arms resting on her knees and her head bowed. Just sitting there. In darkness.

    I loved you.
    I craved you.
    I wanted you all to my self.
    I needed you.
    But you left.

    And now you have created a monster.

    The girl looks up, her shaggy blue bangs in her face. Her only green eye showing, glaring in front of her. Because there, standing in front of her cell, was the man's silhouette. He just stood there, staring at the girl while she glared at him. She moved to raise her arm, but the pain from the shackle caused her to lower it again, while blood dripped off her fingers.

    You stared,
    and stared.
    While I glared,
    and glared.

    You have no idea as to how much I hate you right now.
    You have no idea how much pain you put me through.
    You have no ******** idea what I feel right now.
    What I'm thinking right now.
    What I want to do to you right now.

    Because you turned me into this.
    You turned me into a monster.

    The silhouette moved his hand to touch the bar of the cell door, but only to have it go back to his side. The girl sat up, kneeling on her knees. The orange of her hair swaying down the back of her neck, while her blue bangs covered her right eye only to have her left eye glare into his chocolate brown ones.
    He didn't speak a word. He just left her, kneeling on the cold ground. She tried to lurch foreword to try and stop him, but the shackles around her neck and wrists stopped her from doing so. Blood dripped down her chest and back, as well as her wrists. Now she sat on her feet, arms hanging loosely by her sides, head hanging, glaring at the floor.
    She closed her eyes, tears pouring from them, gritting her teeth and gripping her hands into fists so hard, her knuckles turned white. She lurched foreword again, fighting against the chains, clawing furiously at the air.

    "b*****d!" she screamed in a raspy voice.
    "Look what you did to me!" She listened to hear his voice, but only heard the echoes of hers.
    "You ******** b*****d!" she screamed for the last time. She fell on her hands and knees, curled back up into a ball, and sobbed into her arms until she fell asleep.

    The pain I feel.
    I feel for you.
    I feel because of you.
    You did this to me.

    You turned me into this monster.