• It was my dad's voice. I was paralyzed, the phone fell from my hands and fell to the floor. I fell to my knees. My heart was beating fast. "My dad wasn't dead?! Then where is he?! Why did he leave. Komuro was next to me, shaking me "Mai! Mai!?" he yelled. It was a while before I could speak again. "It was my dad. That's who called." I said. "But, I thought your dad was dead." Komuro said. "He is. Was. I think he his. I don't know anymore!" I yelled. "This is most confusing. Are you sure it was your father and not some ruffian?" Jameson asked. I nodded "I'm sure. It was his voice." I said. "How did this happen?" Komuro asked. "If I knew why would I be asking you that?!" I nearly yelled. "Okay, lets try to calm down. Pick the phone up, is he gone?" Komuro asked. I picked the phone and put it to my ear. Nothing. I shook my head. "No." I said. "This is curiouse. Are you sure it was your father? You said yourself you saw him die." Jameson. "I'm sure it was my dad, and I don't know how he's still alive." I said. "Alright. We will trace the call to see where it was made. Komuro, please Take the Miss to her room." Jameson said and went away. "C'mon, lazy butt!" Komuro said. "I'm not lazy." I mumbled. He sighed "Than I geuss I will go in your room and look through all your stuff." Komuro said, and started walking. "You wouldn't dare." I snarled. "Oh, yes I would." he said, and ran. I ran after him, forgetting what just happened. "Get back here!" I yelled. "No way!" he yelled back. He ran into my room, I ran after him, he tripped over my guitar. "You play guitar?" he asked. "When it suits me." I shrugged. "Huh. Is that your bed?!" he asked, well, nearly shouted. "Um, yeah." I said, putting the guitar away. "Is that your t.v?!" he nearly yelled again. "Yes!" I said, getting a little annoyed. "Sorry, it's just that...it's all so huge!" he said. I shrugged "With a life time of it, you get tired of big stuff. Big tv, big bed, big house, big pool, it gets boring." I sighed. "I geuss, if you've had a lifetime of it." he said. I grabbed his hand "Hey, Komuro. Can you stay here for the night?" I asked. He looked suprised, then he seemed to understand. "Yea, okay. Let me call my parents to tell them." Komuro said. It's funny. I thought, when I woke up in the morning, I would be human, and still a nervouse wreck about my dad. But, boy oh boy, was I wrong!

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