• It was a dark time upon the world of elves and humans. The races that used to live in peace and harmony are now at an end. The kingdoms that are of these races have children, like most families of royal blood do. Both sides had sons and they were to meet in the most unsuspecting way.

    One cold and cloudy spring morning the elven prince, Aramil Norreundlin, was hunting in the forests and had found a beautiful brown buck grazing in a small meadow. He started to aim his arrow ready to fire as his tall and slim body hides him as if he was a part of the slender tree he was against.

    Suddenly an arrow, straight and strong hits the buck. He hadn’t let his arrow go yet and seemed confused for a moment. He was also shocked to see such an amazing shot. He was becoming interested in who this person was and how this person had become such a great bows men shot.

    Soon enough, a blond haired human appeared from the brush close by of the clearing. He was quite tall for his age and had a very well built figure. His deep forest green eyes darted around the forest area making sure he was safe. He didn’t notice Aramil close by at all. He then started to pack up the buck for the meat it provided for home it seemed.

    Aramil had thanked Obad-Hai (God of nature in DND that is Neutral AKA not totally good or totally evil) that his hair was black unlike most of his family members that had blond. And at the fat he was able to hide so well in the forest because of it. He studied this peculiar human and noticed he wasn’t the average human arrows man; this human was Prince Tristan Everets of the human kingdom. He started to think to himself, ‘If I captured the enemies’ prince, I would be a hero! And our people would gain some type of ground in this war.’ Aramil slowly started to creep up behind this unsuspecting enemy prince.

    Tristan soon heard a branch break behind him. All of a sudden, as he turns around to face Aramil, he finds himself under a blue eyed elf. He knew it was the enemy, but he didn’t know who he was exactly against. He just knew he had to fight this person off. They wrestled each other and fought knowing they were both at war with one another. Punches and kicks were thrown at one another as the rolled around.

    Aramil finds himself almost beaten and put into an unsatisfying submission. He throws Tristan off with an immense amount of strength. Tristan falls to the edge of a cliff falling off, but luckily he grabs onto a roots that were growing off the side. The roots seem too small to last very long. Aramil looks over and laughs half-heartedly as his midnight black hair dangles over his shoulders, “Serves you right human!” He smirks slightly, “Your people started this feud! Mine will finish it!” Tristan tried to climb up, but he was too weak from their fight. He looks up with these sad and scared green eyes, “Help me, please! I’ll do anything! Just don’t let me fall to my death!”

    He seemed interested in the offer. He also looked down at this weak soul. His eyes colored like emeralds they seemed to speak the truth as well as his words that he had spoken. Tristan also seemed vulnerable and willing to do whatever he asked. Aramil sighed knowing he was probably going to regret this in some way. He summoned some of his elven magic to his elegant fingertips. He touches the ground and focuses on the roots making them grow.

    Tristan was lifted be the roots that grew magically up from underneath himself. He was thankful as he was helped back onto solid ground. Tristan didn’t notice before, but as he studied his savior a bit more carefully. He had just then realized that it was prince Aramil. He was of the enemies’ side, royalty, and his dear savior. He sat next to him nervously and soon collapsed from exhaustion as well as being relived from his near death experience and living from it, “Thank you…”

    Aramil was a bit shocked and didn’t exactly know what to say. Humans were told to be selfish, untrusting, and heartless to most races except for their own. “Y-You’re welcome...”

    There was silence for a while. Aramil was thinking of what to do to this human or what he should make him do. He then thought of the perfect idea. “You, young prince Tristan, will do whatever I say from now on. We meet here every half a fortnight and have to do so because I say so!” Tristan looked shocked forgetting what he had said while he was hanging off the cliff to this charming elf. He looked at him wide eyed, “What?!”
    “You heard me.” He answered, “And don’t forget that you said you would do whatever I said.” Tristan sighed in defeat and saw it pointless to argue with this elf, “Fine, what do you want me to do?” Aramil just smirked, “anything I feel like that day.”

    The months came as soon as they went by. Sadly the war was getting worse as it dragged on. Still the two princes were able to somehow meet at that same spot every half a fort night. Aramil had made Tristan do the most embarrassing things several times. Other times they would lie in the grass and talk about various things such as culture, magic of the forests and stories of their childhood. They would laugh and spar/train on the grassy fields.

    This very week was going to be different for both Aramil and Tristan. Aramil had walked to their usual spot early that morning and had an elven dress in his arms. It was another torcher device of embarrassment for Tristan. Aramil chuckled to himself and couldn’t wait to see Tristan in this dress and watch the embarrassment. He arrived but didn’t see Tristan yet. It was always like this. He would arrive a bit late every time they met so it was expected. He sat there with the dress lying next to himself and waited. Tristan still wasn’t there. The sun rose higher and was shining though the valley of greens and beautiful wild flowers in the distance. As time went by he felt his heart sinking to his stomach. It didn’t feel right not to have Tristan there with him. He wondered what was going on.

    Noon soon came around and the sun beat down on the summer weathered area. That was about the time that he gave up on seeing Tristan that day or that he was going to arrive at all. Aramil thought of Tristan and sighed sadly as his chest was in pain and his heart pounding like a fast drum. The pain grew as he closed his eyes he saw him there. It started to make his chest hurt less but his heart pounded more. He started to doze off as he thought of Tristan and no one else by his side and holding his hand.

    Nightfall came and Aramil had started to slowly open his eyes to see the stars and the deep and dark blue night sky. Fireflies flew around him he sat up and heard heavy breathing of someone coming his way. It was Tristan! He jumped out of the brush and started to fall to the ground out of breath. Aramil was shocked as he caught Tristan quickly, “Tristan? What happened?”
    Tristan looked up at him and smiled, “Bear, A talking bear. He kept asking for stuff like a chair or for a new set hair… I couldn’t give him anything so I ran…”

    Tristan seemed so tired from running away from this talking bear. Aramil knew Tristan was probably not used to the wide life and magical life that he was raised in all of his life. He let Tristan catch his breath from running so fast. Tristan then asked as soon as he caught his breath, “Why didn’t you tell me about the talking animals that ask you for things they know you don’t have? Do they like to taunt people all the time?”
    Aramil just laughed, “Yes they do. And I thought all of your people knew about those. People of your kind have written about those have they not?”
    Tristan blinked a few times, “Yes they have but, most called it a story to put kids to bed at night with only good dreams or to make them learn something in the end of the whole thing. Now that I’ve actually seen it with my own two eyes and heard it talk to me then I do believe it.”

    Aramil smiled that Tristan was even there with him. They ended up sitting on the ground and leaned against a tree together and talking for a while. Aramil then finally felt like he knew that this emotion he had in him was, love. But the thing he couldn’t understand was it was for a person of the same gender. He then thought about it for a while, “Tristan?”
    Tristan looked at him, “Yes Aramil? What is it?”
    Aramil then asked in a curious way, “Do you think that one prince can fall in love with another prince?” Tristan raised a brow interested in his question, “What brought this up Aramil?”
    “Nothing just a thought that came to my mind.” Aramil said this as if it was nothing even though it meant something to himself.

    Tristan seemed to be in deep thought, 'would it be possible?' He looked at Aramil and then felt his heart beat grow faster as he looked into Aramils' eyes. He looked away shyly, 'could it be I’ve... fallen in love? No, it can't be possible... could it.' He felt strange as he sat there with Aramil.

    It was quiet and the air felt slightly dense from the awkward conversation. Until Tristan finally had said, “I guess it could be a possibility...” Aramil smiled as he looked at the stars and saw Tristan’s' hand on the ground resting there. He lays he hand on his and feels a happy warmth come from it. Tristan feels a strange yet happy feeling as his hand was held in a kind and tender way. Aramil and Tristan gaze at the stars and instead of just seeing each other one every half a fortnight they wanted to shorten that time. They chose to see each other twice.

    Tristan started to come see Aramil at the time that they wanted to every time. Aramil was also torching him less but still put him in the elven dress at some point. The seasons seemed to change and summer came quickly meaning more battle plans and more training. Aramil and Tristan started leaving their home at later times at night to see one another.

    Soon the captain of the guard on either side noticed these happenings. The captain of the elven kingdom's guards, Duavel Kennyreplith ( Elven name: Du- Crescent Avel-Sword Kennyr-sworn to eplith-the forest.), had followed the young Prince Aramil coincidentally on the same night as the captain of the guard from the human's kingdom, Gwilym Dunstan (Gwilym- strong willed warrior Dunstan- Fortress) had followed his. They had soon seen both Prince Aramil and Prince Tristan sitting in the grass and holding hands.

    This night is also the very night that Aramil is to confess something dear to himself, to Tristan. He looks at Tristan, who watches the stars in the sky twinkle brightly in the midnight blue sky. “Tristan?” He asks as he thinks of what to say on spot.
    Tristan answers without looking, “What is it Aramil?”
    Aramil felt the words spill from his lips like water, “Tristan, i don't know how say what i want to tell you...”

    Tristan looks at him with his curious eyes, “What is it Aramil?” Aramil averts his eyes away from Tristan’s gaze. He had felt his heart skip a beat. He then sighs as his eyes close, “I... I think that we are closer to each other then you really realize...” He then opens his eyes and looks at him with these eyes of fear yet a bold look ready say something that will open his heart to him. Tristan looks shocked at him much closer they had become without really realizing it, “Tristan, i have no other way to say this but... I love you... Tristan Everest”

    Aramil waited for the rejection he knew that he was going to receive from Tristan, that's what he thought at least. He closed his eyes tightly not wanting to see it happen. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, he only felt a hand lightly pressed to his cheek and a small and sweet whisper in his ear of Tristan’s' voice, “i love you as well... Aramil Norreundlin.”

    Tristan pulled Aramil closer to himself. Aramil opened his eyes and smiled lightly. He soft and sweet lips against his. It was their kiss and it was shared underneath the moonlit skies. What the two didn't notice were the captains had met and almost started to battle out until they saw this action of the two. They didn't agree with this at all and decided for now that they would work together to expose them to their fathers and have them be punished. They went to their kings the next morning and told them that they didn't see the prince head off to bed last night and were in they headed out to the forests.

    As Aramil came to his bed he laid down and but a moment later his father came in and saw him there. “Aramil? Why are you asleep? You are usually up by this time.” Aramil came with an excuse quickly, “i was studying far too late father, I’m sorry for my carelessness.” his father forgave him and believed his story. He told his guard that if he saw his son up too late to remind him he needs his rest, “Also if you happen to see my son heading towards the forest 'again' you are to tell me immediately and not the next morning.”

    Tristan had just entered his bed as well and his father came in right as he did, “Tristan, you must get up, it's late in the morning.” Tristan slowly awakes and looks at his father, “sorry father I’ve had a rough night’s sleep...”
    His father nodded, “well, one of the captain says you went out and not to bed last night.” Tristan sighed, “I guess I’m guilty of that.”

    Captain Gwilym Dunstan over hears as he almost passes by Tristan's room and smirks to himself thinking the prince would be truthful to his dear father. That is until this was said out of Tristan’s' mouth, “I went to the gardens and watched the fireflies pass by my eyes. I soon fell asleep there and woke and came to my room for a more comfortable place to sleep.”
    His father chuckled, “Just like your mother... Alright I'll let you sleep in for now.” He then goes to the guard and tells him to make sure Tristan no longer falls asleep in the gardens.

    Both captains were furious of the two boys and the actions they took to defend their love. They met up and planned for weeks to expose them in some way. They planned to bring both princes’ fathers to the spot where the two met and wait for their arrival. The only thing in their way was timing they just had to time it right. Once they put their plan into action there was no turning back.

    They knew the sons of the kings always left when they thought their fathers were asleep. This night the kings, who had been informed by their guards that the prince had left before he was able to go to bed. The kings had followed their guards hastily and soon met each other behind the brush of the spot where the sons met but before they were able to fight the kings saw what they thought they would never see in hundreds of years.

    Aramil stood there for a while and wondered where Tristan was. “Maybe he was caught by that bear again…” he chuckled aloud. He was then tackled to the ground by a very familiar person, “You really thought that I would go the same path with that bear again? I just wanted to surprise you.”
    “If you’re stupid enough to do so.” He laughed as he looked up at Tristan.
    Tristan sat up and pouted, “I’m not stupid…” Aramil pushed him to the ground and smiled, “I know you’re not. I just said if you were.” Tristan sat up again and smiled as he rolled his eyes. Aramil lightly touched his cheek and kisses Tristan sweetly.

    The kings did not expect this from their sons and could not allow this to happen. They both entered the scene and looked furious. Aramil had pulled away as he saw his father behind Tristan and Tristan saw his behind Aramil.

    As punishment for the lovers, they were made to fight in an arena filled both races. They knew the crowd didn’t know why they were against each other but they knew this was a way to keep their focus away from the war that has been the main focus for a while.

    Aramil was forced to look at Tristan while he was suited in battle armor of war. Tristan was as well. Their fathers could tell that there was something different about their sons. They lightly smiled at one another but had to try to strike one another.

    Aramil lifted his blade, but every time he tried to have Tristan lift his, but he wouldn’t do so. Tristan smiled at Aramil sweetly and said softly, “I won’t do this…”

    Aramil smiled back and dropped his weapon. Tristan did the same. The crowd was in awe at this. An archer that was protecting the king had his weapon down. They looked to their fathers as if they were asking to talk about this instead of fighting each other without a reason. Although, Capitan Duavel Kennyreplith grabbed the archers’ weapon and shot a random fire. Without the kings orders. He was pulled away but the shot that he had fired had hit someone.

    The arrow had missed Aramil barely and hit Tristan above the heart. Aramil caught Tristan before he hit the ground, “Tristan!”
    Tristan looks up at Aramil with a small and soft smile, “it’s alright Aramil… I-It’s not your fault…”
    Aramil tries to keep his love quiet, “Tristan please do not speak… Save your energy…”
    “Aramil?” he asked kindly as if he was fading little by little, “what does your last name mean?”
    Aramil held his tears as he smiles very lightly, “That’s a stupid question to ask me at a time like this…” he knew why he had asked him though. He wanted to know everything before he left his side even though he didn’t want that to happen, “Norre is sacred to and Undlin is the lover’s kiss…”

    Tristan just smiled lightly and gently touched Aramil’s cheek tenderly, “Well, Aramil Norreundlin… I… love… you…” he had said in between coughs.
    Aramil cries slightly, “Tristan… Please don’t… Don’t leave me… I love you too much to let you go…” Aramil’s tears flowed onto Tristan’s hand that was delicately placed on his cheek. Tristan pulls himself closer to Aramil and gives Aramil his last sweet and tender kiss before he left.

    There is peace now within the two kingdoms. The kings had seen the mistakes they had made and had become joined together once more. The Capitan’s were imprisoned for the rest of their ungrateful lives. Aramil’s heart was still broken but, he had become a great leader and passed it down to a child that he saw fit and raised him as his own. He still wished that Tristan was there with him. He could not see his love until death.

    That day soon did come as he fell asleep in his bed one last time, there he saw Tristan waiting for him there, beyond a light. He followed it and went to him and there, in the spirit world of death, they were forever able to be together.

    And thus they had their own happily ever after in death.