• One night not long ago ther was a vary poor girl named Moonlight.She had sort moon-silver hair with hazel eyes.Ther was a piret that came to her town.His name was Capten Kiel.He had long silver hair with blood-red tips, with sea-blue eyes.He had a crow of 1000 people.
    The night he came to town was a night little Moonlight will never forget.He and his crow needed a place to stay the night and Moonlights family oned the only inn in town.So they went ther.When they were ther and sined in Moonlight’s mother cald for her to show them were they would be staying.When Capten Kiel seen her he thought she was a beautiful flower.She thout he was vary handsum for a piret.
    Befor they went to bed Capten Kiel took the chans to talk to her.”Hello”sed kiel “Hmm o hello”sed Moonlight.”Why do you stay in such a dump like this?”He ask.”Exuse me but my fother bilt this place then died trying to keep it save from people like you!”Yeld Moonlight.”Geez don’t bite my head off kid I was just trying to make coversashun”sed Kiel.
    Sudly ther was a loud bang and Moonlight and Kiel rushed down to what had hapend.It was pirets and lots of them.Moonlight took out a syth."Leve now or die pirets!"Yeld Moonlight. "Hahahaha thats no way to treet gest or paying custemers" sed the piret."Dame this kid don't like my kind to much"thout Kiel."I thik she is sereus capten" sed the 1st mate.Then Moonlight's brother came runing down the stars."Moonlight run this is way over our fighting skils!"yeld her brother."Hmmmm Moonlight is this kids name" wisperd Kiel."Fine but im not going enywere you go cawerd!"yeld Moonlight.Kiel picks up moonlight and thows her over his sholder."Damet put me down!" she yeld.Kiel sarted to run up stars with Moonlight's brother.When they got to the top floor they all jumped."Take care of our little sister will stay and fight"sed her brother."No I am helping!"she yeld. "It is ok"he sed.Then he look at Kiel and his crow as Kiel noded."Bye Moonlight" he sed as they were runing away.
    When they got to the ship Moonlight was crying knowing her only famly was dead."Hay Moonlight was it?It is going to be fine"he sed. Soon after she wouldn't eat or drink enything.Kiel started to wory cuz all she did was sit and star in the dereshon, of her home. "She dosen't eat enything.If she don't start soon she will die" sed the first mate."I know" sed Kiel quietly.
    That night Kiel desided to do somthing.So he went to talk to her."Hay kid you need to eat something or you'll die" he sed."Is that a propis?"she asked"Lisun we coudn't do enything!"he yeld."Yah not you but I could of I am not afrad of deth when it cumes i'll wecome it!" she yeld back.Kiel slapted her.But she didn't cry she didn't yel she just sat ther.Then she got up and wolked away.Kiel was shoked becouse she was the first girl he ever hit.So he went to look for her.He found her crying and holding her cheek were he hit her."Why didn't she just start crying when I hit her?he asked himself.Then he got the anser.When she sed to herself"I will never let people see me cry.Just like dad sed it shows weekness ispesholy if you are a girl".Kiel was supriesed about that.When he herd that he came out."That is the bigest pess of s**t in the world" he told her.She ternd aroud with tears steel in her eyes."What do you care you the one how hit me" she sed quietly. "Only cuz you yeld at me"he sed."So what that dousn't give you the right to hit me you jack-a**"she sed."Grrrrrrrrr I should have left you to die you ungratfull b***h!"he yeld.The crow was suprized he never cald enyone that or hit a girl befor."Yah you should have just like I wanted then you would naver have to have this regret!"she yeld agen.
    The next day was not much difrent thay steel hated eachuther so they keeped fighting like cats and dogs.Then out of no were a storm started and pushed Moonlight over-bord!Kiel was steel pissed at her but he coudn't let her just die thow he had half a mind to.But he jumped into the water to save her.
    When she woke up she was in his room and he was siting at the bed side asleep."He looks cute when he sleeps" she tout to herself.At that moment he woke up.To see her smieling."Thank you for saving me last night Kiel" she wisperd."Your welcome Moonlight"he wiperd steel half asleep.She kissed him on the for-heaed.But she coodent get away fast enuf.....Becuze he kissed her on the lips!And that was her first kiss."Mmmmm"she mond.Kiel coun't beleve what he had just doun.Not to mech he coudn't belev that she injoyed it that much.But for sum reson he coun't pull awaye from her soft lips.Then he relized that he wanted her...He wanted to be inside her!So he got on top of her and started to take her close off.But she stoped him."I can't do this Kiel"she wiperd. "Why not?"he asked her in a hungry tone."Do you not like me or sumthing?"he asked.Then he found his anser."Or is it that you dont want to do it with the a jake-a**?"he asked in a pissed off tone."No it is not like that i'm not redy yet"she wisperd."Y-you mean your steel a vergen?"he ask whit a supeized tone."Yes" she sed in a quient little vose."You have got to be kiding me"he sed."What do you mean?'she asked."What kind of girl do you take me for?"she sed angrly."I am sory Moonlight"he sed.Moonlight's expreshun lightuned up."I am sory to for all that I put you thow.That day ther time together took a tern for the best.And the day went prety well.
    That night Moonlight and Kiel both sleped in the captens room together.Kiel stayed awake all night.In the middle of the night he looked at Moonlight sleeping at his side."Dame when she is awake she is a little ticking bom redy to exspode in eny minit, but when she is asleep she looks like a little kid" he thought. "Mmmmmm" Moonlight mound in her sleep. Kiel looked at her and smield."She must be dreming about sumthing"he thought."I wonder what" he sed to himself.He used is demon power to find out.(Yah ther both demons.)When he saw what she was driming about it mad him lahf.
    In her drem she was teeching him math it looked like.She added a bed subtracted the close divied her leggs and they both praed to god that they didn't multiply.All he thout was dame she got a good emajnation.
    He finoly fell asleep.When he woke Moonlight's head was on his bare chest.He didn't want to wake her up.Then ther was a wock at the door."Yes come in but be quiet"Kiel sed.The door opend and the first mate came in.Suprized to see her asleep on his chest he looked at them."Well what do you want?"Kiel asked. "Right...We will need help coming this huge bird down with a noght on its leg"he sed.When he sed this Moonlight woke up and went outside.And all she did was a simpel wisel but not at a sempel pich.The huge bird landed on the raling of the ship.The hole crow was shoked.Moonlight took the noght and told the bird to tell him "Go to hell and then will talk."Keil came rushing out."What was that about?"he asked."Hmm o you mean that.Just some stalker that wont leve me alone"she sed smieling."It is coming back isint it?"she asked,the hole crow shook ther heds yes."Moonlight my love way are you so mean to me?" the stang man asked."Becouze Clay your a drunk, weard, dume, salker that wont leave me alone"she sed. "O my dearest Moonlight you don't mean that....And if you did that realy heart"he sed."Are you some kind of dome-a** of corce I mean it!" She yeld.Clay slapted her.So Kiel punched him in the face and Clay went down."No one tuches her like that but me and I hate myself after words"he sed with a flame in his eyes."I'll be back my love" he sed as he rode away on his bird.
    "If he wants to keep his life he wont come back" Kiel sed.Moonlight just smieled.Moonlight got close to Kiel's ear."I love olny you Kiel-Sama" Moonlight sed in a soft vose."I love you to Moonlight" Kiel sed.Then they kissed each other pashotly.All the crows chens droped when they seen that.
    Later that day they sited land.But Moonlight didn't want to go over ther.Becuze she was keeping a secret and it was on that island.But Kiel insested that she came with him.So she did.(She coun't say no to thos eyes.)
    When they got to the island a gup of people were ther and they reconised Moonlight, as ther long lost prisesse Moonlight.Kiel of corse had no idea.But Moonlight did in fackt when they stated speeking in anchent demon of the water she spock back.Kiel was so supried he fanted.But he fell right into Moonlight's brest!!!!!
    When he woke up Moonlight was under him."Kiel will you get off of me you are vary heavy?" she sed."Amber what is going on?" he asked."Um....Well you see.......im kinda ther princess......my brother and sister took me from hear over 5 years ago love" she sed vary quietly.