• "Bluestar! BLUESTAR WERE ARE YOU!" Spottedleaf was starting to get worryed. "Oh what in the name of Starclan do you need! I was in a very good dream were i had good legs again." Bluestar was in a cranky mood. "Whats all the racket?" The two cats turned around to see the big might Lionheart standing over young Spottedleaf. Spottedlead dipped her head to the mighty warrior. "We have a new Starclan member" She said with Sorow. " He is from Shadowclan his name is Flametail he died when he fell threw the ice in the lake" Bluestar narrowed her eyes and spat. "NO! These younge warriors cant die so younge! What about Littlecloud" There was no more angry in Bluestar's tone only sadness. Lionheart spoke up. "We shale welcome him as a Starclan warrior in peace. He was a good medicen Cat." Next Spottedleaf has something to say. " We are joined by a Thunderclan elder." Bluestar and Lionheart both looked up as if they knew it was Longtail. "How did Longtail.....Pass" Spottedleaf choked it out to say. "He was saving Mousefur's moss from getting cold, he also saved younge Briarpaw who can never walk again." "He died a brave warrior saving cats. He was my friend" All cats bowed their heads in gierf for the two warriors. This is not a good time for Starclan