• West was awakened by a loud thump and high pitched yelp. He opened his eyes and saw that his new girlfriend was not in bed. He got up, wearing nothing but his boxers from the rather sexual night before. A series of loud thumping noises, loud barking, and low growls came from behind the bathroom door. As he headed there he heard noises outside. He stopped for a moment, looked out the window with his unique blue and green eyes and saw complete chaos. People attacking other people that had blood and bites all over them but kept walking, bloody people eating other people, and the dead coming back to life in the worst way.
    He whispered to himself, “Zombies…”.
    He turned towards the bathroom and realized that his girlfriend must have become one of “them” as he recalled the night before that she had been bitten on the arm by a man on her way to his house. He then noticed that the barking and growling was coming from inside the bathroom.
    “No… Tempest.”
    His white, grey, and black German Shepherd-Collie mixed dog was in the bathroom with “it”.
    He thought, ‘I’ve got to get her out of there… But how?’
    He looked around and saw his red metal baseball bat that hung on the wall. He took it down then called out to his girlfriend just to be sure. The moment he spoke the groaning got louder as the it pounded on the door. He moved closer to the door and saw blood that had leaked out under it. The pounding stopped when he placed his hand on the doorknob. It was waiting for him. He slowly turned the knob, bat in hand. He opened the door just enough for a tiny crack. It slammed against the door causing him to get hit and shoved backwards. The body of his former girlfriend lunged towards him with it‘s mouth gaping wide in a rather gruesome way. West just barely was able to roll out of the way. He stood up only to get attacked again. He ducked, spun around full circle, swung at full speed, and hit it dead center in as the back of the head as it passed. There was a sickening crack as the two solid things collided both metal and flesh and bone. The sound was so loud that you could almost feel the collision. The body landed with an oddly quiet thud on the floor, blood gushing from the blow. West looked a bit closer and noticed bite marks on it’s forearms and shins. He remembered Tempest and thought the worst. He peeked into the bathroom and saw Tempest sitting in front of the glass sliding door to the shower. She panted and wagged her tail happily.
    She barked with a more softer tone as if to say, “Yay! You killed the ugly fashion disaster!”
    He sighed a bit, relieved.
    “Come here, Tempest.”, he called.
    She walked up to him and huffed a greeting and gave him a look that said, “Took you long enough… How long did you intend on sleeping?”
    He smiled and patted her head.
    “Sorry, Girl. I’ll feed ya in a sec, okay?”
    He looked her over carefully, looking for any wounds. Fortunately he found none, he scratched behind her ear and headed towards the kitchen.

    “Ahhh… That was delicious!”, West exclaimed happily after he and Tempest finished two large T-Bone Steaks.
    West leaned back and stretched his arms high above his head while Tempest licked her chops and rolled over onto her back exposing her soft, fluffy belly fur as a cute dog-like grin appeared on her face.
    “Hmm.. Seems like you also enjoyed your meal.”
    He smiled at her then obtained a thoughtful and concerned face.
    “But you know.. We won’t be able to stay here for too long…”
    Tempest rolled back over, sat strait up and cocked her head a little as if she were confused by his words. To emphasis that little movement she added a slight whine.
    “Those things will soon notice we are here, if they haven’t already. But. Before we go we must prepare ourselves, Girly.”