• Chapter 10

    I was happy to see it was Rian, but quickly alarmed by how pale and upset he looked. I got up and pulled him close into a tight hug. “Are you ok Rian?” I looked up into his Carolina blue eyes. “Rian? What’s wrong? Your eyes are darkening.”

    “My parents named me punisher Angel! I can’t hurt you! I won’t do it!” Hot tears began rolling down his face as Erick walked out of the door.

    “Look, I understand that if you don’t there will be severe consequences.”, I sighed. “What do they want you to do?”

    “I won’t do it.”, he whispered.

    I put my hands firmly on either side of his face. “Please do it Rian. I’ll be fine, you know I will.”

    “I know, but seeing you still on the floor bleeding last time made my heart ache. I was afraid Helen had killed you.”

    “But you’re different from Helen. You know when to stop. Now what’s the punishment?”

    “They wanted me to cane you.”

    “How many canings?”

    “I got them to lower it from fifteen to five because you had been so badly whipped. I’m so sorry Angel.”

    “It’s alright Rian, thank you for negotiating with them.”

    “Of course, I wasn’t going to cane you that many times, if at all.”, his eyes had darkened to a midnight blue.

    I knew it was really upsetting him, but I didn‘t want him to get into trouble, “Do you have the cane with you?”

    “Yes, but I really don’t want to do this.”

    “Just do it Rian, I understand.”

    “No! I don’t want to-”

    The door suddenly opened and Rian’s parents walked in. “You do not have a choice Rian, we told you to do it so get on with it!.”, Evelyn demanded.

    “No! I won’t hurt her!” His eyes were now black and he started to tremble.

    “Rian, please just do it.”, I whispered.

    “See, she wants you to do it Rian, she probably enjoys it.”, Evelyn smirked.

    That pissed me off and I started to go after her, but Rian grabbed my arm and I screamed at him, “Let me go Rian!”

    “Angel no! Please calm down! This will just end worse for you!”

    Evelyn scurried to get behind Ivan. “I don’t see why you care for her Rian.”, Ivan said, looking over me with disgust.

    Rian pulled me close and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. “I love her because she’s kind and caring, but she doesn’t let anyone walk all over her!”, he hugged me tighter, “She’s amazing.”

    Ivan gave a menacing smile, “We’ll see how amazing she is headless.”

    “What?! I just told you that I love her! Why the hell are you going to have her beheaded?!”

    “She’s Caelum’s princess and has threatened your mother twice now.”

    “It doesn’t need to be resolved this way!”, Rian shouted.

    “It does and since you have such affection for her, I’ll let you stay here and even be front row to her beheading. I’ll get Erick to inform you of the date once I’ve decided.” Ivan walked out, Evelyn in tow, and left his son standing, mouth agape.