• i search and gaze; looking for the one sight, the sight i have dreamed for my life. As i gaze at the sky in hope to see it i come across something else; a shadow spanned across the sky. The shadow, with what seemed to be a life of it's own, moved and feel as the wind blew. I go to my friend who is standing by me and try to show her the sight above.
    "I see nothing, there is no shadow there." She simply responds back.
    I try to convince her but nothing did so i gaze back at the shadow, and wondered just why she couldn't see it. Now as i looked around, no one else seemed to notice it, only i had. Many like my friend looked into the sky for the sight to behold but none of them saw the shadow that spanned itself across the sky.
    As the time grew closer and closer the shadow grew bigger. I, now, could only see the shadow, no blue or white to be seen in the sky.
    "There it is! Look isn't it beautiful!" my friend yelled to me as she pointed in the sky.
    "Yeah it is." I told her lying for i could see nothing but the shadow.
    As people watched and pointed i just stood and stared at the shadow. As i watched the shadow black rain began to fall from the sky.
    "What the? There isn't a cloud in the sky?" My friend said as she looked around with confusion, as all the others but myself were doing.
    "There is a cloud." I said back to her, not taking my eyes off the shadow.
    "What are you talking about? The sky is crystal clear." she said back to me
    "You just cant see it." I said back not answering her question.
    "I can see you are going insane." I could hear her say. "I'm going to the bathroom and calling my mom so we can go home. Don't leave without me." She walked away to the bathroom before i could respond.
    Many people ran for cover, but i did not. I, unlike all the others was not getting wet. People told me to get out of the ran but i couldn't help but stare at the sky above. The shadow, now growing smaller seemed to be turning the sky a black color. As i watch i was unaware of the ground's plants dieing until a voice rose up and scream that the trees were decaying. when i looked nothing was wrong, everything was fine, and everything was more alive. Confused and lost i looked back to the sky, the rain had almost stopped falling when i realized that the rain was black. I wondered just what caused it and why it fell. When i looked into the sky one last time the shadow was gone, it and the rain disappered as fast as it appeared.
    As people talked of the sight they saw i and the young girl who had shouted had a different sight. This sight we thought as we talked together was two things that could happened to the world we all know. I saw the bad, and she the good; and now we work our best to make mine the one that shows.