• Part I

    This isn't right. This can't be happening, how could I grow 3 inches over night?
    I stood there against the door measuring myself for an hour, I've visibly grown, I can't even hide that fact. Unless I slouch for the rest of my life. How can I hide it from Scarlet? Dammit, she's gonna notice. What can I do? My mind was spinning with questions without answers.
    It took me ages to find a pair of jeans that covered my ankles but I finally did, they're a bit too long, they always have been. I got them as a present for my birthday a few months ago from my nan, she usually has the worst taste in clothing but I actually like these jeans, the only problem is that they're too long or at least they used to be.
    When I look out the window, Scarlets car is gone which is brilliant because I really can't sit through another one of her "Ever, you need an education, you can't skip school again" talks. I wasn't even planning to skip school today, I have things to do, people to see, plans to make, that sort of stuff. If end up being late again though there's no doubt Mr. Malik won't have something witty to say to me about my attendance and how much it affects my future and blah blah blah, I tend to tune out as soon as I see him walking towards me.
    I get to the bus-stop just in time for my bus, I flash the driver my bus pass and take a seat near the back. I don't like to be touched which is why I sit near the back, away from others. It doesn't apply everyone, there are a few people I'll allow into my "peronal space bubble" every now and then. I sit there trying to pull out some loose threads on my jumper, making the sleeve bunch up and go weird, so I just stretch my sleeve until it's back to normal and bite the thread with my teeth, gaining some strange looks whilst doing so.
    "EVER! OH MY GOD!" I'd know that voice anywhere; the clomp of her heavy shoes also gives it away. The voice belongs to my bestfriend, Amelie. She's a short, skinny, blonde haired girl who follows trends and todays lastest fashion disaster is denim shorts worn over a pair of leggings, nice. Oh and a black tank top with one of those cardigan things with no buttons and weird pockets. Topped off with a pair of black DM's. Lovely, she's a carbon copy of Lucy, my "arch enemy" as Amelie puts it, I'll admit she's popular, pretty, wealthy and she always has the best clothes, her are designer brands though, not like Amelie's whose are things she borrowed from her older sister. But I'm can't really judge her on that, I mean, I'm wearing a pair of jeans that my nan brought for me. I don't plan on telling anybody that though.
    "Hey Am, how've you been?" I ask, full of fake enthusiasm.
    "Lonely, you b***h. Where the hell have you been Ever? Why haven't you been in school, is there something wrong with you? Something wrong with Scarlet?" her voice gets higher at the end because she didn't take a single breath the whole time.
    "Am, calm down, I'm fine and so is Scarlet. I've just been a bit.. busy helping Scarlet get settled in and stuff.." My voice trails off into the distance, I don't want to have to think about the past two weeks. They aren't the best of memories to recall.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    "I knew I'd find you here," his voice came from all around, I couldn't place it if I tried "you always come back to this place, no matter whats happened here before, you do remember the last time don't you, Ever?"
    "That was you? How could you do that to me? You sick b*****d!" I scream into the darkness, I don't know what way to face, which direction he'll choose this time.
    "Oh no, that wasn't me, dear. But I was here, I'm always here. I just don't always make myself known to you, does that bother you Ever? Did you think this place was secret, did you think nobody else could access this place? You aren't the only observant person in the world."
    "So you just let me get battered? I feel so much better about you now. I know that other people come here, that's why I don't come here as often as I'd like to. Who the hell are you anyway?" his voice is always here, in my hideout, the place I come to get away from everyone and everything. But I have never seen him, I've only heard him, he either never leaves or follows me here and hides himself.
    "Ever I..- no, I tried to stop it, they would have killed you had I not intervened and we can't have that now can we? Why do you always insist on knowing who I am?" His words shocked me and there was a few minutes of silence before I could answer.
    "Ever?" he sounded concerned, like my life matters to him.
    "Just tell me who you are, or atleast let me see you, please?" my voice comes out as a whisper, unable to control it properly without it shaking, due to the sudden swell of emotion over his meaningless words.
    "I can't."
    "Why not?" I must sound like a stubbon 10 year old to him at this point.
    Because that'd ruin my fun, dearest Ever.
    "WHAT THE HELL?!" I half scream, half shout into the darkness.
    Ah, so it worked, you can do it too, Ever. You just have to focus on a single person and open their mind and fill it with your own.
    "It'd help if I knew who I had to focus on wouldn't it?"
    True. I'll give you hint, shall I?
    "I'm over here" his deep voice comes from my left, as if he's sitting right next to me. I reach out to the rock that is usually there and instead of hard rock, I can feel jeans, filled with a pair of long legs.
    You found me.
    His hand brushes mine ever so slightly. I shuffle closer to him, I have to find out who he is.
    "Ever, you won't be able to guess, you've never met me before, nor have you seen me, you won't even recognise my name, my face, my smell, nothing at all. But I've seen you, many times, I know your name, I know the exactly colour of your eyes and hair, I know that you've grown 3 inches since I saw you last and I know why you've grown"
    "Please just tell me your name, that's all I'm asking for."
    His voice in my head fades out into a whisper and then it's gone, all that remains is the faint echo of his quiet laugh. The next thing I know, I'm in my room with no recollection of how I got here.

    To be continued.