• I looked at the clock and sighed lightly. "5 more minutes of Ballroom dancing." I hated Ballroom dancing. Then I looked at my partner who was one of my best friends. I smiled at him and asked,"How are you doing Robert?" He just stared at me and asked,"Do I look I'm doing alright?" "No." I answered. "Damn right." Then he smiled. "What do you think of my hair?" He had bleached it and in my opinion it looked good. Robert skinny kinda, tall about 5"4 was capable of getting a girl right off the third or fourth day. "It looks good." I told him. "Alright time to go to the locker rooms!" Mrs.Autrey shouted. As soon as I was done I went to go talk to Katrina. She was beutiful with her brown eyes, dirty blond hair, skinny as hell,great personality, and really nice. "Ok I admit it, I am bisexual." I told her. She just smiled put her hand under my chin and made our eyes connect. "That's what I thought." She said with a smile. She then shocked me. She lightly kissed me on my cheek and put her arms around my neck. "I know you like me." She whispered in my ear. Her voice was intoxicating. I suddenly became dizzy and I managed to choke out,"Don't you have a boyfriend?" Then all I felt was my legs give out and the cold, cold locker room floor pressed against my face. After that all I saw was black.

    Thanks for reading! Ch.2 coming soon!