• "Stop." I whispered, breathless. Ark kissing my neck and lips. "I don't want to." he whispered back. My waist pressed against the bars on the egde of the roof. "Ark. Dad wants you." Vanessa said appearing out of nowhere. Ark lifted his head "Tell him I'll be there in a sec." Ark said, leaning back down to me. Before Vanessa could say anything, I put a finger on Ark's lips. "Just go see what he wants, then come right back." I said. Ark seemed dissapointed, but nodded. He lifted my palm to his lips, kissed it, and said "I'll be right back." I nodded, smiled, and whatched them go. "Junko, Rena, Luneth. Which one of you survived that day?" I asked myself, whatching the new moon. "Luneth, power over the mind, Rena, power over animals, Junko, power over all elements. I saw two of them die that night, but what happened to Junko?" I thought. I felt the warm tears running across my cheeks as I remembered that day. Than it came to me "Junko's last name was Hyuuga!" Someone placed their hands on my hips from behind. "Why are you crying?" Ark asked. "Do you have an ancestor named Junko?" I asked him, changing the subject. "I think so, I would have to check to make sure first, though." he said. "When can we check?" I asked. "Well, my dad's leaving for a buisness trip tomarrow, we could check than. He just called me over to ask if I would go with him. I said no, of course." he told me. "You want me to tell you something?" I asked him. "What?" he asked. "I don't think you're completely human." I said.

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