• 11/30/09
    I'm zack I am 15 years old and I live in california. I have the gc-virus
    Gc-meaning generically spliced.It's a virus with apparently no cure that reverses the dna process and kills a person.I'm currently in a hospital that is researching a cure with over a 100 people just like me in it.

    Apparently they just found a cure!We all got a sample this afternoon and it feels great because already feel better.

    We all get released in 3 days .This means i'll finally be able to enjoy christmas with my family like a normal person! smile

    I feel weird everyne of the gc-virus infected people are there holding us in to find out what is wrong I don't get it

    They have separated us in seperate rooms the doctor's all wore hazmat suits.I'm scared.One of the pateints were just dragged by my room kicking and screaming,by the security guards,he had bloodshot eyes and he skin was purple all over like he was bruised or something.

    I heard a sream down the hallway the sounds of screaming were starting to come from sl over and we're not allowed out of our rooms anymore...I think I heard a gunshot.My worst christmas ever sad

    My body is changing i just noticed i have purple on my skin just like the others now and I have headaches more often.What's happening?

    A man ran screaming by my door taday when i looked out someone was out there chasing him sluggishly like they knew they would get him sooner or later,they turned a corner and i didn't see the chasers face. no doctors came in and I hear gunshots regularly screaming has stopped.

    I feel fine for some reason my skin is normal now and no more head aches.I think something happend last night,i cant see through the little window on my door something is blocking it and I can't move it.

    While I was yelling for help this morning at one a.m a man broke down the door with a gun pointed at my head I yelled for him to not kill me.He looked confused for a moment staring at me all wide eyed then he stopped turned to some men behind him holding even bigger guns
    and told them something like not infected amazing he didn't notice as i stared at a body on the floor which was what had covered the window.when he looked back and saw me looking at the body on the floor he told me"you must be lucky,kid, out of the 800 people in this building your the only one we found without the virus"
    I heard a moan down the hallway all the men looked down the hallway at a crowd of people coming,yet they all looked weird with bland expressions in their eyes and with blood all over them I watched in horror as they drew closer.The man suddenly whipped out a grenade clipped on a belt around his waist.he ripped the ring off the top and threw in the middle of the crowd of them.The hallway seemed to shudder at the huge sound that the grenade made when it went off.as blood splattered every where a man started crawling towards us with only half his body moaning the whole way.The man tsked and said"pesky undead you blow them up and yet there still alive.'after which he used the gun he was holding and blew it's head off after looking at the carnage in the hall he said"we better move that bang probably has all the undead in this damn place crawling here!" I can't remember much all i know is i passed out and now i'm in a military vehicle with the same guy who save dme earlier I asked him why he got my journal he said it looked like my only valuable so he took it with them when they left.

    01/01/10 00:01
    today is the worst day of my life.i'm currently being transported to a carrier overseas where some scientists can study me because for some reason the "cure " that the doctors gave us actually mutated our genes yet for some reason I am the only person the "cure" seemed to be working on. well I'm going to sleep i hope that my family is okay.
    Happy new years.

    To be continued in (the deadly cure 2:remains of the past)Which i wiil write in a few weeks sorry about the grammatical errors i kinda wrote this really fast in my spare time so yeah...
    Also comment if you like smile