• So, do you believe in a afterlife?
    Two friends who've known each other all their lives once talked about it.
    '' Hey do you think life after death exists''?
    '' i don't know''
    ''Ah, I know, if either of us dies before the other. we should let the other know''.
    ''How''?'' By the way, I hate ghosts''.
    '' I do to''.
    '' I know, how about we ring bells''?
    '' Bell chimes sound nice''.
    ''Sure, let's do that''.
    Both of them were half-joking as they maded that promise. And one year later,one of them died in an auto accident. And then it happened at her wake, as her best friend offered her incense.
    There was a jingle of bell.
    '' It's her''. ''She kept her promise......so the afterlife really does exist''.
    The chimes grew louder and louder. It sounded as if she was suffering and desperately sought help.
    ''PLEASE, STOP IT''!
    I wonder what the afterlife is really like........................................