• I Can See It, Its Coming Over The Horizon.
    I Close My Eye's Hoping It Goes Away.
    I Know It Won't Though, I Close Up.
    I Shut All The Window's, The Door's.

    I Look Out A Little, I See You.
    Walking In The Rain, With The Lighting Be hide You.
    I See The Hate, In Your Eyes.
    I Can Feel, The Knife On My Body.
    As You Cut Me, All Over.

    I Scream Out, In Pain.
    You Only Laugh, You Keep Going.
    I Beg You To Stop, On My Knee's.
    You Have Something, Else You Want.

    However We're In, The Eye Of The Storm Now.
    I Grab The Knife, I Cut You All Over.
    I Drop The Knife, I Want Out Of The House.
    The Rain Starts Again, But I Am Gone.