• AnnaBell was vary nervus. Her arms hugging FoozleBear so tighthis little butten nose fell off.
    "Crap!!" whispered AnnaBell as she reached down to grab it.
    "Well your next AnnaBell," said FoozleBear, sounding like he had a really bad cold, "How do you feel?"
    "Great.. just great..." AnnaBell said sarcasticly, as she used a safty pin to put Foozles nose back on.
    "Whats wrong?" asked FoozleBear
    "The kids will laugh at me." replied AnnaBell, keeping a low voice, "look at all the cool stuff that the others have. Tommy has a huge chapter book that hea brought.. that he reads!! Shannon has a band new Barbie doll for Crist sakes!!"
    "Well what they have dosent matter." said FoozleBear, as AnnaBell fixed his nose, "And besides, Tommy is just lieing his but off, like he could ever read a book that big. Plus he's a big duffus anyway.", AnnaBell giggled, "And you know that Shannon is just a big show off that likes to bag about her stuff."
    "Your right." AnnaBell said.
    "Yeah you'll do great!" FoozleBear encouraged.
    "AnnaBell!!" said the teacher. AnnaBell froze, then slowly got upand walked nervously tothe front of the class, each step like a mile.
    "Well.. well... this is FoozleBear." AnnaBell started slowly then loosened up.
    "I've had FoozleBear for about 6 years now." She said.
    "BOO!!!" yelled a kid from the back of the room, "SIT DOWN NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR UGLY LITTLE TEDDY BEAR!"
    AnnaBells eyes started to swell up with tears. She quickly rann out of the room, only stopping to trow FoozleBear into her book bag, then continuing on out to the feild. She wipped the tears from her eyes. Her eys were now not full of sadness but vengfullness. She walked back into the class.
    "Now apolagize." said the teacher in a stearn voice.
    "Sarry AnnaBell." said the kid, clearly not meaning it.
    "Its ok it is a realy ugly teddy bear any way." AnnaBell said, looking at the floor.
    The kid snickered. The teacher nugged him and he straightened out.
    The bell for lunch sounded. The whole class filed out of the class. AnnaBell quickly grabbed FoozleBear at the last second.
    "I thought you were going to leave me in here all lunch long." said FoozleBear.
    "I was," replied AnnaBell with a blank face, the with a grin added, "But then i thought why not just throw you in the trashcan, or better yet burie you in stead."
    " What!?" replied FoozleBear with a vary worried voice.
    "You told me i'd do great. But The whole class laughed at me!!" AnnaBell said with extreme anger.
    "I thought you were great." replied FoozleBea trying t save his life,
    "But no one else tought so!" AnnaBell said her eyes full of anger.
    "But.. but.. but.." said FoozleBear.
    "Can it Foozle!", said AnnaBell, now standing over a whole near the back fence of the school, "You lied to me. Noy you are dead to me.
    AnnaBell droped the bear into the hole, stomped on it, and filled in the whole. Only the right ear remained out of the soil. Then she rolled a rock over the whole and walked away, never looking back.