• Sean Brookstone was playing a solo on his acoustic guitar. Since he was one of the final three contestants on the famous “American Idol”, he was allowed to use a guitar. Feverishly he pondered to himself, “Would Simon yell at me if I were to make a mistake?” Looking up at the audience, Sean, who was nervously ticking his head, told himself, “No matter if I get kicked off the show, I will still play guitar and sing to myself. While things were going smoothly, Randy stood up, and gave him a standing ovation. He still played.
    Sean was still playing his guitar. Realizing that he must be really good to get a standing ovation from Randy, he played with even more enthusiasm. It was a long song. After a few more measures, Paula, who held her hand up to stop him exclaimed, “When you are singing, you are better than great, you are excellent! Encore!” Excitedly, Sean started to perform vigorously, winning the hearts of the extremely enraptured audience.
    Sean continued to play when suddenly, pling! A string snapped. When he had just reached the bridge of his song, the most devastating of things happened, the string broke. The whole audience silenced. Would one wrong chord be the end of his performing career? Simon didn’t seem too thrilled with that idea. Coolly, Sean finished playing his solo, and received a heartfelt standing ovation.