• I am Lucy McCraft. I am 12 years old and I am in the sixth grade. I am childish and my only friend is Luke.First, lets talk about how i made friends with Luke!
    When we we're five, our parents met each other again because they were in high school together. That's when me a Luke met each other. We talked and talked!
    One day, I said to him" Meet me at the theater!"
    He said"Okay!"
    So he meets me at the theater and asks why we we're there. I said i didn't know why. Then i told him to meet me back at my house. We met each other at my house. I told him to meet me at the tree on the big hill.He met me on the tree on the big hill.
    As five more years passed, i told him to meet me at Grace's house, his girlfriend. I'm was kinda jealous because..why can't I be Luke's girlfriend?
    Anyways, he meets me in at his girlfriend's house, and you couldn't believe what I saw! I saw him and Grace holding hands! So I march up to him and and pull his left arm and said"Come on. You got to meet me at your house!"
    Grace pulled harder and harder that I gave up but tackled Grace onto the itchy green grass. Luke tried to pull me away from her.Even now, I am still mad. I still tell Luke to meet me there and here.
    "Luke, meet me at the museum!"I would say.
    Luke always meet me somewhere except for that one time with Grace.
    Now, Luke doesn't like Grace anymore because she tried to take my best friend away from me and Luke told her he already sees her everyday at school and broke up with her. He became my boyfriend next!
    Hehehe! Anyways, I boss hm around.

    Ten years later past, and we lived next door to each other. I still tell him to meet me here and there.
    One time, i said" Luke, meet me at the jewelry shop! I wanna buy myself a beautiful ring!"
    He did meet me but i was kinda suspicious because he had bags before i even got there.
    Anyways, we go in the store, and i bought two rings! One for me to wear, and one for our secret engagement!Luke and I are going to marry each other this Thursday on the 28th of May!
    On Wednesday, I told him to meet me at my parents' house! He did. My parents were being suspicious about Luke and I was too. Luke was smiling and smiling. I was just thinking" Why is he smiling?"
    Then a stupid idea came to my mind. I thought he was happy because he was going back out with that disgusting Grace!

    On Thursday, I totally forgot about the wedding. I was getting ready for a party. Then Luke called me and said" Meet me at the tree on the hill!"
    I was wearing white of course, and i met him. I saw alot of people on chairs and a priest and Luke standing next to the priest.
    Everyone was staring at me and whispered" Why would that young charming man date a childish and ameature girl like her?"
    My father came and i held him on his right arm.
    When i got to Luke, the priest said" Do swear an oath right now."
    Luke said" i swear i will protect and share my life to my lovly future wife, LUcy McCraft.."
    I was embarrassed because he said my last name.
    " i swear to.....to.....love my future husband...Luke......"I said, scared and frightened.
    The priest said" Okay, now, kiss the bride."
    Luke tried to kiss me but I just blocked my lips.
    I think that was how the wedding went. I don't know. Anyways, see ya later! Luke needs to meet me at our new house now!