• The city was deathly still as midnight crept by. A ghostly breeze made the towering buildings groan while the sound of hooves on pavement echoed through empty streets.

    With violet eyes glimmering in curiosity, the two imps skipped down alleys and into lonely streets, singing and cackling in ear shattering high voices.

    A deal of life. A deal of death. The deal we'll make with him tonight; a chance to play the devil's game." The chant of the two imps sliced through the quiet for hours, until the black scaled monsters finally froze outside an abandoned warehouse. Turning to one another, a satanic giggle vibrated in their throats, a sadistic grin graced thin lips, and then they vanished, reappearing inside of the dark structure.

    Dim candle light mad the demons' scale covered bodies shimmer as they pranced over to a man sleeping on an uncomfortable cot.

    Eyes gleaming like ominous stars, the imps hovered over the sleeping man, smiling manically as their chant begun yet again, but now it held a much more sinister tone.

    Our deal of life. Our deal of death. A deal we'll make with you tonight; a chance to play the devil's game. A deal with you we'll make tonight..." the imps hissed and snickered menacingly, vanishing from sight and into the man's dreams.