• She had pills in her hand. They were all different shapes, sizes, colors, and anything else you can think of. I threw down my backpack. "I'm sorry," she said faintly. I knew I only had a few seconds to think of something to make her stop. I made my first approach by telling her I loved her, and how much she meant to me. She still shook her head and put her hand to her mouth. I had to do something else, and quick.

    I knew I was close enough to smack her hand. That's exactly what I did. I moved up a bit and smacked her hand up. Pills went flying everywhere. My mom put her hands over her eyes. I sat down beside her and hugged her. I noticed something else coming from her hands besides tears. Blood. I think I broke my mom's nose in the attempt to save her. I took her hands off of her face. I touched her nose and she winced. "Does it hurt?" I said softly.

    "Y-y-es. But, I'm sorry Kate. I-I can't control myself a-anymore," my mom said, still crying.

    I looked at her. My mom's eyes were red from crying. She was shaky. "It's going to be okay, mom. I'll call 9-1-1," I said, grabbing the phone. I started dialing when my mom grabbed my hand, and I dropped the phone. "Mom?"

    "P-please, Kate! Don't do that! They will need a reason for my nose! A-and they will put me in the mental part! Please! Don't," my mom begged. She was crying more than ever. I could barley hear myself think. She had a point. They always want a reason for what happened.

    "You win mom. I won't call. For the sake of you," I said, getting a rag. "But mom, it may get worst. I'm just warning you." I put a steamy rag on her nose. I got a pillow and a blanket. I put my mom's head on the pillow. After a few seconds, she was out cold.

    I quietly went upstairs. I got out my knife and put it to my wrist. I debated on doing it this time. I was really stressed. Pain makes it go away. 'One little slice,' I thought to myself. I slid the blade against my wrist and closed my eyes. It felt like the whole world just got off of my shoulders. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. The blood ran down my wrist. It was cold. I took my red washcloth and set it on the cut. I only have a red washcloth so it blends. After it stopped bleeding, I wiped off my knife and hid it again.

    For a while, I felt lightheaded. I felt like a feather that could blow in the wind and take me to a better place. Then, I got real tired. I laid down on my bed and drifted off into a light sleep.

    I was in a meadow with flowers and the greenest grass I've ever seen in my life. I was in a beautiful dress that followed me in the back when I walked. I started to pick flowers and put them in a basket. But, I noticed something. My face looked sad, like I was about to cry. I looked around. There were more girls, in the same dress, picking the same flowers, with the same facial expression. I followed myself to a dark chamber. The floor was solid rock. I noticed my feet were bare. I walked into a room. It was boiling in there. In the middle of the floor was a huge crater, filled with lava. I stood in line, behind a girl, who was behind another girl and so on. They threw the flowers into the pit, the inspector nodded, then they walked away. When it came my turn, I threw in my flowers. But the inspector looked at me.

    "Is that it?" he said. I nodded. "Not enough! Guards!" A load of guards took me away. I tried resisting it. They threw me in a cellar full of skeletons. I thought I was going to die in there, by the look of it. Then, the skeletons came alive, one after another. They circled around me, and started picking at my skin. It hurt. Before they toppled over me, fighting for food, all turned black.

    I sat up in my bed. I was sweating. Blood was running down my shirt. The nose bleed was much worst this time. I got my red washcloth again and started wiping off the blood. I blew my nose, and it was gone. I decided to go downstairs and check on my mom. Still sleeping. Good. I watched T.V for a while, not knowing I went to sleep.

    I woke up the next morning. I didn't have a nightmare, or a nosebleed. In fact, I didn't have a dream at all. My mom was looking at me. She had clothes all picked out for me. "Time to get ready for school, dear," my mom said, looking better than last night.

    I got ready and caught the bus. When I got to my first period, everyone was staring at me. The preps kept pointing at me and whispering in their friend's ear. They laughed. Even the jocks were looking at me weird. One of the preps went to my seat, and pulled down my sleeve by force.

    "Stop!" I said, smacking her hand. She wouldn't move. I forced myself to keep my sleeve up. "Cut it out!"

    She finally pulled down my sleeve. A nasty cut was visible to everyone. "I told you she cut hersel-," she was interrupted by the teacher, who came in, looking directly at my face, (that was now in tears). It looked like she stopped breathing. Everyone and thing was silent. She went to the phone in the room, and started dialing, still looking breathless at me and Selina.

    To Be Continued.