• ~ Tory~

    My eyes narrowed at his suggestive tone. I didn’t like this guy already and I had only been in the same room for five minutes. He was a little too cocky for my liking.
    “What do you guys want?” Seth asked angrily.
    “We’ve come to talk to you about the watch,” the Blondie said; smile now coming back to his face. He seemed nice out of the three but I’ve been wrong about guys before.
    “And you forgot to knock on a door?” Seth said, raising one eyebrow.
    All three looked dumbfounded; I smiled slowly at their expressions. Ha, they hadn’t thought of that and now seemed to be in trouble with Seth. Or scared of him at least.
    “Er, sorry boss. We’ll be quick; promise and then you can get back to whatever you were doing,” the short one said.
    My smile faded into a glare at him, and I finally piped up. “What do you mean by that?”
    He flashed his teeth, as what you would call a smile, at me, “Nothing out of the normal for a woman like you”.
    I crossed my arms and pushed myself away from the desk, “What. Do. You. Think. Your. Talking. About?”
    He mimicked my stance, “It’s obvious.”
    I was up in his face before he finished the sentence. “Go on say it, I dare you” I growled.
    He blinked at my sudden appearance, “how…how did you-”.
    “Give up Felix, you wont win,” Seth said, standing up from the chair. He went to say something; it looked like he was going to say my name so I stopped him before he could.
    Don’t! Don’t call me by name, please, I projected to him.
    He shot a glance at me then looked back at the guys, “I’m going to find a room for Miss Kane, and I would suggest you wait here”.
    Felix stared at me, I stared back not wanting to show this cocky a*****e any weakness that I had. Around people that didn’t know me and people that I didn’t like, I tended to be more stand offish towards them. Unlike I was to Seth and my family members.
    “Felix, move,” Seth said as he came up behind me.
    He stared then looked up at Seth and pursed his lips, “Yes sir” he said and moved to the smile.
    The blondie smiled at me, I gave him a small smile back as I passed. I liked him, he was nice…or maybe he just wanted to get in my pants. The brunette just stared, not saying anything as we left the room.

    There was something about that woman that was really disturbing me, it was sending shivers of bad vibes up my spine. Alarm bells were going off in my head, my psychometry senses were going left, right and centre with screams telling me to touch her.
    “What the hell?! That woman has Seth wrapped around her little finger,” Felix said, drawing me away from thoughts or her.
    “Just get over it Felix,” Sebastian said as he flopped into the closet chair.
    “********, I can’t! She just challenged me!” Felix said, pacing.
    Sebastian rolled his eyes, “It’s just a woman, and she didn’t challenge you so just get over it”.
    I leaned back against the wall with my arms crossed over my chest, just watching Felix pace back and fourth. I was with Sebastian on this one, she was just a woman with no significance to us other than that she was connected to Seth. I couldn’t comprehend why Seth was putting her up in a room.
    “Earth to Shaun…Shaun!” something flicked my ear, hard.
    “Ow!” I said, cupping my ear and looking up to Felix, “What the hell was that for?”
    “So you are alive in there, you weren’t answering me,” he said with a shrug.
    I took my hand away, “Well you didn’t have to flick me Felix, what do you want?”
    “Did you get anything from her with your psychometry?”
    “No, I didn’t,” I answered with a frown.
    “Nothing? Maybe you’ll ha-,” he stopped mid sentence as the door opened and Noah Drake walked in the room.
    “Hey Noah! You’ll never-,” he stopped again because behind Noah was Seth.
    “I’ll never what?” Noah asked walking further in; he mustn’t have noticed the door not shutting yet.
    “You’ll want to know that I found a woman with a useful power,” Seth said staring at Felix.
    Now that was a shock to the system, he hadn’t said anything about her having a power. Not even a mention of a power to us, but then that explained why she wasn’t afraid of Felix and had the guts to call him out.
    “Really?” Noah said, turning towards Seth as he walked in and shut the door.
    “Yeah, a fair hot one too,” Sebastian said with a stupid smile.
    “Okay, who’s going to train her then?” Noah asked.
    Felix had suddenly gone quiet, I guess being in the presence of the commanders son and the highest ranking officer would be a bit daunting. Also they were both giving off vibes like if someone was to piss them off right now, they would lose their heads.
    “She wont need it but enough about her, hows Maddie?” I said, popping in at the awkward silence.
    Noah made a face, “fine, she just wanted to stay with me or to have me go with her. Not gonna happen”.
    I nodded being the best friend that I am, “I guess she would want that, either way she would be with you like you’re joined to the hip”.
    Seth had moved to his desk by now and he seemed to be staring at some picture that was on it. I don’t know who it was for but it affected him quiet a bit.
    “What did you want to tell me boys?” Seth asked as he looked away.
    Sebastian looked at Noah, “Mr Commander there can go first”.
    Noah rolled his eyes, “Thanks Mr Man Slut,” Bastian laughed, “I just wanted to say that I got a call from Jamie’s base, he’s coming home”.
    Seth’s eyebrows rose, “Really? So he’s finished over there then?”
    “I don’t know, I was just told that he was coming back,” Noah said crossing his arms.
    “I’ll follow that up then,” Seth said noting it down, “Now you guys”.
    “Just letting you know that NightDust are crawling around the city,” Felix said from behind me.
    “They’re everywhere but there’s no trace of a specific one,” Bastian added in.
    “No trace, but life shadows?” Seth asked.
    “Sounds like they’re hiding to me,” I said with a shrug.
    “Yeah, something doesn’t sound right,” Noah added.
    “Look into it, after everyone is rested and has eaten,” Seth said, noting something down.
    “Sure, hey Felix you feel up to some training tonight?” Noah said punching his shoulder.
    He smiled, “You bet Drake!” They left without another word to us.
    Bastian unfolded himself from the chair, “Well I’m hungry. Come on big guy, let’s get some chow”.
    As he went to the door, I looked at Seth. I had so many things I wanted to ask him but personally, I doubted that he would answer any of them anyway. With one more glance behind me, I followed the others out the room.