• Smiling, she waved her hand, "Doesn't take too much. Just practice and practice and practice. What else would I do when I was up in Briggs for four years when I had free time?" In fact, she was correct. None of the soldiers really liked her because of the way she earned her rank faster than any of them, so not too much chit chat with them... Of course, she earned that in a bet with Armstrong, but oh well. Those cold, dark nights left her with nothing to do. During the day with blinding snow storms, Vee had to be fully aware of her surroundings or she'd die of frostbite, falling off the sides of the railings on the top of Fort Briggs with just a gust of a wind. All of these things, animals, pneumonia - something that she got every winter, her lungs being partially weak due to something in her genes. Vee was prone to asthma as well, but she didn't really take to much notice to that. She was a soldier and it was her duty to take on such things without notice. Sickness, health, it was her job to protect the Fort from the Far North - Drachmea. There had only been one or two battles between them and Briggs as they had tried to invade, but they all managed and before they knew it the Drachmeanians were hightailing their way back to their own country.

    Those times were rather bitter and resentful to look upon anymore. It was better that the past left behind and future considered more than the present. That was Katrina's perspective. If you weren't concentrating on the future, what future would you even have? The girl stretched, yawned, and flickered her tired blue eyes. The fatigue was getting to her since she'd been awake for a long while, but she couldn't let that get to her too much or she'd have those nightmares again. Unhealthy it was. But what else was she going to do unless she wanted to suffer even more mental trauma? It almost burned the way a fire did... Those memories... Flickering into oblivion, 'till they weren't even there, yet they sprouted once more from the midst of nothing to remind her that they were. They were alive. Maybe not the things, the people, the nature itself that she remembered, but the dream was definitely.