• My dad is awsome. He always keeps promisies, especially the ones he makes for himself. He will show me to all his friends and gloat on how i am an awsome son, he will tell my friends stories about me that they do not care about. This is the only things my friends share with my dad.

    He oftenly gets mad at me which is totaly rad. It makes me think back to when i read 4 Leaf Lover 2. They didn't want me, so mom was there: a dirty bathroom stall with graffiti on the walls giving birth to an unwanted and nameless thing. They might have noticed me sooner, if it weren't for those awsome joints and rad lsd. Mabey they would have noticed it was me making her fat, and not those munchies. There i lie on the cold bathroom tile, crying out for my mothers warmth. I get picked up. My mother is holding me, but only so briefly so that I can be ZipLocked and flushed down, never to see the light of the dimming lightbulbs ever again. I would have gladly accepted this fate if it ment mom would get the love of dad. The circle of hurt would end and no other person would ever have to put up with him again, only if it were a reality.

    I would be there, clogging the pipe and cold, and hear death wisper the conforting words I tell myself even now, "Forever, alone."