• Tears fell down her face, her hands trembled, and her breathe came in short rasps. A year ago things were normal. She had friends, school things to keep her busy, and a driver's license. Normal.

    It started a year ago when she first saw him. Dorian Wellington, a new student at her high school. He had just walked into the cafeteria with his dark curls falling into his piercing eyes. He grabbed a tray and received his meal. Ember Paullins sat with her best friend Brittney talking about mediocre gossip. His eyes connected with hers briefly across the filled room. This look he gave her made her feel....naked. She sat there amongst the crowd stripped naked and completely shook. He smirked knowingly and sauntered off to find a table to eat on.

    The next day Ember saw him in the library. He was deep into a book when she saw him. Dorian must have felt her stare because he lifted his eyes to her. She gave a nervous smile and a small wave. He gave that smirk again. It annoyed her to see that look. It was as if he knew a great secret but wouldn't tell you on purpose. Dorian patted the chair next to him casually. She plopped into the chair, set her backpack under the table, then turned to him expectantly. "You're Ember Paullins, right?" She nodded not caring how he got the information. "Your best friend Brittney is in my English class. She talks about you a lot. Never shuts up actually. I can see why." Ah. That would explain how he knew her. What did he mean with that last comment? Ember just shrugged not knowing how to reply to such a statement. "You're Dorian Wellington, the new kid who happens to come from a rich family." There was that knowing smirk again. "That's right. But I clearly know so much more about you." The way he was looking at her gave Ember chills so she flashed a friendly smile,"So what's this book that you are so fascinated by?" His eyes lingered on her face for a painful moment then he turned to the book on the table. "Suicidal Mime. It's innovative, quirky, and pretty deep." Ember furrowed her brow in thought. "Well if you find it deep then it must be, overall, very dark." He nodded to her in agreement as he flipped it open to a certain page. "Dark and deep go hand in hand, I think. Plus this isn't morbidly dark. It's like cherries dipped into dark chocolate. Go through the bitter and tart for a sweet end." She knew exactly what he meant. There he goes staring again.

    A week went by and they had clicked. The two were friends now and knew a few things about each other. Dorian hated almonds while Ember disliked using spoons. They were learning each others mannerisms and quirks. Dorian had that annoying smirk as if he knew something. Ember didn't think much of it and would usually shrug it off. Dorian was tall, thick, and muscular so Ember was getting a lot of jealous looks from the other girls. Even her best friend Brittney had her eye on the dark haired hunk. Ember and Dorian never really noticed though. They were in a world all their own. At least for a while until things got.....real.

    They were walking home from school down lonesome road when Dorian suddenly stopped and said,"Ember. Quit being fake. It irks me!" He was scowling and his dark eyes flashed. She stood there her mouth agape. "You force yourself to laugh which sounds grating. You slap that god-awful fake smile on whenever you see your school mates. Be yourself. I know who you truly are. I won't mind!"
    Ember knew what he meant. She was trying so hard to hide it for so long that she thought, maybe, she was normal. A few pets had died but they were just animals. Her brother broke a sculpture she worked on for at least a month. That was alright. She could make something better. She knew for sure after her twin sister died. Amberly her twin had been hit by a train when she was twelve. No tears were shed for her dear sister. Her parents said it was just shock. Ember knew better even at such an age. Dorian knew her deepest darkest truth hidden under the folds of false happiness. "I can just be myself? No emotions?" Yes, you will mind."
    Dorian grabbed her wrist before she could walk on. She turned slowly to see his intense eyes burning into her core. "F-Fine," Ember said in mock defeat to cover up her growing uneasiness.

    After a month Dorian and Ember are the best of friends, much to Brittney's dismay. If her best friend was gonna get a boyfriend she wouldn't mind. Dorian was handsome and smart so Brittney did not mind when Ember brought him along.
    Even with them so close Ember thought he was still a mystery. She noticed his abs one day when they went swimming. A mystery with a hot bod but still a complicated mystery. He keeps things vague and doesn't talk about his past at all. Scary thing is how Dorian picks up on her thoughts. It's how they communicate with only their eyes and no misunderstandings. Sometimes he would finish her sentence just to see how others would react.

    One evening after a serious talk Dorian felt something off about Ember. "Hey, why are you feeling so..." Dorian had started bur Ember had covered his mouth with her own. He was tense but with each sweet kiss his muscles relaxed. The next day they were holding hands at school. This was normal, right? A girl and boy dating while in high school. Well not for these two. From the serious conversation they held the day before it was clear they were not normal.