• I wake up outside "Hey, how'd i get here? Oh! They're playing tug-o-war! I love that game!" I try to get up to join them-

    -and fall flat on my face, the chair i was sitting in toppling on top of me. "What the-? Why cant i let go?" My hands are stuck to the chair, rendering me incapable of movement. My face- now smashed against the deck- feels warm and... wet. I look down as far as i can. I see blood pooling all around my head. I can't feel any pain,but my world spins and i feel unbelievably dizzy and-

    -I fall. The ground (which is no longer) beneath me has collapsed, luckily my hands are freed and i let go of the chair which begins to-

    -drift away. Now I am underwater, and the chair slowly floats to the top. "Hasta la vista!" I yell to it. I try to swim back up, but I am sinking. My clothes are too heavy. "Wait up!" I yell to the chair. It slowly gets darker and darker. The pressure builds slowly. My bones pop. I give one last effort to swim upwards, but am only dragged back down even faster. now the pressure in breaking my bones. I try to scream in agony, but there is no air left in my lungs. Finally, the water takes pity and breaks my skull, killing me.

    The last thing I see is a fish swimming towards me, yelling "Wake up, you dumbshit! Wake up!"

    Surprised, I manage to make my mangled hand move to my disfigured arm and pinch it.

    And wake up in my own room, with my adopted sister, Maxine, yelling at me. Duh, of course it was a dream! It felt so real, though. How in the world did my creativity-resistant brain think that up?

    Maxine slaps me, waking me up fully. "Hey, f*** tard! are you awake yet?"

    "I am, now, b***h." I say, rubbing my face and pulling back the covers.

    "It's Maxy to you! And it's your turn to do the floors!"

    "I did them yesterday, Maxine. It's definetely your turn today."

    She answers by throwing a grimy old bucket filled with equally gross water and a cloth at me. "Just do it." she says, then burps. I sigh when i smell alchohol. Her eyes are bloodshot. "By the way, mom called."

    "Maxine, what time is it?"

    "Nine-o-clock. So what?"

    "Are you drunk?" I ask cautiosly.

    "NO! I'm just buzzed!"

    "Whatever. What did mom call about?"

    "Gramma. She's.... she's...... DEAD! GRAMMA'S DEAD!! DEAD DEAD Dead Dead dead dead dead...." She ran out of the room and went to her room, repeating that word the entire way and slamming the door.

    In a half shocked state, I pick up the phone and dial my mom's number. "Hello?" She answered, sounding like crap. "Sara, baby? Is that you?" She sniffles

    "Yeah, mom. It's me. Is it- is it true? Is gramma really...."

    "Yes, honey, I'm afraid so. I'm so sorry. I know how you two were so close to her. Do you want to know how she died?"

    "Yes, I suppose I can take it." I say hesitantly.

    "Well, she was on the deck at her house, sitting in her favorite chair, with the vines all over it. My guess is the deck gave out from under her and she fell through and drowned. There's was blood all over the deck. When I got there, all I saw was a hole, lots of blood, and her chair bobbing up and down in the water."