• "Don't kill me!" she said, "Why shouldn't I?" I said. "Because, I love you!"
    "There is no love in our relationship, just pain and suffering. I'm going to end
    that!" I said. "NO!" She got her shotgun and shot me, right in the chest, but
    I didn't die. That's where it all starts.

    I wanted to deny it, but i knew i couldn't. It was time I stood up and
    faced it, I was born for one reason and one reason only, to save the human race.
    So, that night I bought two shotguns, made some armor and practiced for the
    apocalypse. I set traps, practiced my archery and used an undead minion spell.
    With my alchemy skills at best, I made a flaming sword. It wasn't a very strong
    one, but i knew it would help.

    "DIE!" I slashed and slashed away with my axe but they wouldn't die! "DIE
    STUPID COCKROACHES!" "Dude, they're not going to die, i guess it's true, they don't
    die." Drew said, he's my right hand man, when i need help with something, he's
    there to teach. "But if i can't kill a cockroach, then how am i going to kill
    the devil?!" I made a fireball in my hand and threw it at the cockroaches, and
    it cooked them to a crisp. "Told you I could!" Drew sighed then showed me how "he
    delt with them" "You step on them like this." Drew said, while stepping on an
    escapee. "Okay, okay. You've shown off enough, now, help me with my magick."

    ******5 years later******

    I was fighting in the battlefield when i saw a child with a suit made of
    explosives, so i used telekinesis to disassemble the explosives from afar, and
    let the little boy go back to heaven. I was heading down to Hell so I could kill
    the gate guardians and angels can take over, but when I got there everything was
    froven. See what heppens next in the sequel, "The Dangers of Hell"