• Amaya: -sigh- Ugh....I swear I thought that teacher would never let us leave. Amaya's friend: I know huh? You heading home Amaya? Amaya: Yeah, I got a lot of homework and I need to watch some tonight. Amaya's friend: Again? You keep working so much, you'll faint one day. Amaya: Your probably right, but I can't help myself, I live by meself, so I have to do all the work. Ayama's friend: I can understand homework and house work, but why the extra work? Amaya: Because I love kids! I think its so cute how clueless of everything they are. Amaya's freind: It's true kids are cute. -They both laugh- Amaya: Well I'm heading home! -She runs off towards her house. -Amaya was walking home and got hungry and stopped by a small stand, she ordered some ramen, and some how ended up staying there until night- Stand owner: Shouldn't you be getting home young lady? Amaya: Huh? Stand owner: Its 9:30 all ready. Amaya: WHAT????? HOW DID I STAY HERE FOR SO LONG????? -she screamed out scaring the owner slightly, she threw down the money and ran out towards her home, she took a short cut again, at least she thought it was a short cut, it turned out to be a dead end, she turned around about to leave, when 3 figure appeared out of the shadows. Stranger 1: Hey, look what we have here, lost are we. Stranger 2: You shouldn't be wondering around here at such a late time.

    Stranger 3: Yeah, who knows what might happen to such.....young flesh? -The men start walking towards her and trap her against the dead end.- Amaya: Stay away from me! -She swung randomly and hit one of the men, who knocked her down to the ground, he then pulled out a large knife and he bent down to her and put it to her clothing. Stranger 1: You shouldn't have done that, we were just going to rob you, but know you pissed me off, and now were going to have fun with you. Amaya: NO! Leave me alone! -She screamed as they came closer to her, but then she looked behind them and saw a 4th figure, but it looked strange, she thought she saw the out line of......wings......the wings shot out and grabbed one of the men dragging him into the darkness of the ally- Stranger 2: What the? AHHHHH!!!!!! -Smacking sounds could be heard as a thud followed after it, the remaining men turned around quickly- Stranger 3: What the hell was that. Stranger 1: How the hell should I know? Grab the girl! -The man turned around to grab Amaya, but was insantly thrown through the wall breaking it, the next man grabbed his knife and began swinging around frantically, the strange figure appeared behind the man, breathing could be heard behind him, the man stopped and turned around slowly, the next thing he saw was two glowing red eyes and then he was thrown up into the air, the figure jumped up and caught then man then then threw him to the ground, the figure landed in front of Amaya- Amaya: Who....who are you? Unknown figure: I..... -The figure turned around quickly and saw that the man he first took out was back up and with a hand gun pointed at both of them, The figure quickly turned towards Amaya and grabbed her and wrap his wings around them both, the man opened fire at them, the bullets bouncing of his wings, Amaya looked up at the figures face- Amaya: Your! -The man stopped firing and threw his gun at them which also bounced off his wings, the figure withdrew his wings, and started walking towards him, the man backed up and the figure dashed at him quickly and grabbed him by his throat he lifted him up into the air.- Unknown figure: You who fill the hearts of innocent people with fear...you shall do so no more.- he raised his other hand into the air and it started glowing white, he arched it backwards and swung it at the man and sent him flying into the air. The figure started walking over to Amaya and stopped infront of her, he held out his hand, and as he did so the last man hit the ground, there was a small light abouve where Amaya was sitting and as the figure entered the light the face was that of Takashi, the boy she meet a few days ago and treated.- Takashi: Are you all right? Amaya: Yes....I think so. -She tried to stand up but when was pushed down she sprained her ankle, but Takashi caught her and helped her up.- Amaya: You have wings. -She said staring at Takashi's black wings- Takashi: Yes I do. Amaya: Are you an Angel? Takashi: Sorta, anyways I should take you home, It's still dangerous here, seeing as this is gang territory. Amaya: Yes, we should, can you walk me home? Takashi: I have a better idea. -Takashi lifted Amaya into his arms and he flapped his wings hard two times and started to fly up.- Amaya: Oh my god! Takashi: Ha! First time flier? Amaya: Well yeah! Not a lot of people have wings! Takashi: Where do you live? -Amaya pointed down to her home. Takashi landed in front of her home and set her down gently. She limped to her door and unlocked it. She stopped and then turned around.- Amaya: Hey.....Do you have a place to stay? Takashi: Not really, why? -Ayama started to blush- Amaya: I was.....I was wondering if you......if you would like to stay for a few nights? -Takashi's wings began to fade into dust and she watched as they did so.- Takashi: Don't worry, thats how I put them away. And I guess i could stay for a few nights. -Takashi walked over to her and helped her inside, he shut the door behind them. Takashi: Home huh?