• RRRIIIINNNNGGGG! Kagome Higurashi groaned and turned off her alarm clock and huddled back under the covers. “Sister time to get up.” Her little brother, Sota, told her. “Go away.” She spat back. He started jumping on her but that didn’t do anything so he opened her curtains and the light blinded her. “Ow! Close that you little brat!” Kagome sat up straight, sighed, and started getting ready for school. When she was all done and came downstairs to see her mom bye she grabbed a poptart from the toaster. “Bye mom. Bye gramps.” She said hugging them both.
    She ran outside, “Took you long enough!” Kagome smiled and playfully pushed him. “Ok bye Sota be good.” She bided her goodbye to her brother and descended down the many steps of the shrine. “Dang what took you so long?” Kagome’s best friend, Sango, asked. “Didn’t want to go to school as usual duh.” They laughed there way to school. They had first, fifth, and sixth periods together, also they’ve known each other since third grade when she moved here. “Hey Kags and Sango!” Rin greeted her friends. Rin was a senior while they were sophomores. “Hey guys.” They both said.
    “KAGOME HIGUASHI TO THE OFFICE PLEASE KAGOME HIGURASHI TO THE OFFICE” Everyone at the table looked to her. “I have no idea what I did so it couldn’t be bad.” She shrugged and walked through the overly crowded halls to her destination. “Aye Kagome finally I have a job I would like you to complete please. You’ll be escorting Mr. Takahashi for the week so he gets used to his new school.” Kagome nodded like a good girl. She saw a teen walk through the hall in a red shirt red Nikes and black baggy distressed pants with chains. He also had silver long tresses with dog ears and he was walking towards them. “Aye Inuyasha this will be your escort Kagome Higurashi. Your schedules are similar the only difference is that your fifth and second. But your classrooms are close together.” Ms. Keade nodded and left them. “Hi I’m Kagome shall we get started?”
    She held out her hand for him to shake he looked at it and turned his nose into the air. Kagome just brushed it off. “Ok well come on Inuyasha or we’ll be late!” He allowed her to lead him to there classroom. “Mr. Shippou this is Inuyasha Takahashi he’s a new student.” Kagome left him up front and took her seat next to Sango. “Ah yes Inuyasha you may take a seat where you can find one.” He nodded and looked around he saw two seats one next to Kagome and one next to a person that looks like Kagome. He took the one next to Kagome just to bug her. She looked at him. “Inuyasha this is Sango, Sango Inuyasha.” She introduced. “Tch. Whatever.” Sango rolled her eyes and brushed it off.