• Bird Song
    "TWEEDLEDEEDEE! TWEETILLDEEDEE!" Sara's head shot up from her bed. she was late for school! the birdsong always started when it was time for her to get out for the bus! she put on some clothes and raced downstairs. " MOM!!! I'M LATE!!!" she raced into the kitchen, but no one was there. Her mom wasn't in the bedroom, living room, bathroom.... "MOM!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?" she began to cry. where was her mom? she could hear the birdsong getting louder. They were at the laundry room window, Sara guessed. she peeked in, and gasped. her mother was laying on the floor, her breath coming fast and small. Sara could barely feel her pulse. she called the police, then ambulance. her mom had diabetes, and it could cause heart attacks. All the while, the birds were singing gleefully, chirruping and tweeting. "shut up! you darn birds! my mom's in trouble and you're chirping like never before!" the birds turned there heads and carked. the danced and hopped, their wings flying through the air. what used to be chickadees were now glowing red eyed ravens. Sara wanted to tackle them, but she felt her legs give way, and her mind cleared, stopped. the last thing she remembered, and saw, was ravens, turning into chickadees again. "TWEETLEDEEDEE!" and the birdsong continued.
    the end