• Chapter One:

    There wasn't anything special about Alex Griffin. He was an average teenager with newly divorced parents and rocking that new style of gothic-ness, called emo. He could rock it for the fact that he was an emotional wreck and that the people that had given birth to him decided that they couldn't handle a single son right now so he was orphaned with no mercy at the age of sixteen. He wasn't put out on the streets though with some kind of unreasonable amount of cash but instead he was put into an orphanage home where he stayed for six weeks before getting adopted.

    His adoptive parents he must admit is nothing special but not horrible either. They were ordinary people with ordinary jobs and salary. Carey, his step-mother is a elementary school teacher. She had apparently loved kids all of her life even when she was younger and had decided to do something where she could work with them. His step-father is a restaurant owner. He owned a nice sandwich shop that served coffee and wi-fi. Dan, his step-father had employed him as a waiter even though he was under the age requirements listed in the official restaurant policy. He didn't mind though it gave him something to do then walk around the house or influence himself more in illegal activities.

    His foster parents had picked up everything when they adopted me. They had transferred their jobs, Dan opening a new chain restaurant to the one they had in Idaho. They moved to Charrelote, South Carolina and Carey picked out there new house that was an old
    Colonial styled home. The house was placed in an old small town that you could tell had been small for a long time and new arrives where unexpected and viewed as a topic of gossip.

    The one thing that he fell in love with was that the town was only a hours drive away from the beach if there wasn't any traffic. Sometimes he could even smell the beach air because of the direction the wind was blowing.

    The only thing he would complain about his new home was that small towns always have gossip, and gossip travels fast in small towns like his. Alex minded the gossip; he never had been good with dealing with people that talked about him.