• Chapter Two

    "Hana! Wake up! It's time to go!" Rena's voice broke the silence once more.
    I stood up in shock and then looked at my sister. "No need to be so loud Rena, I heard you." I said.
    "I said your name three times though." Rena said quietly.
    "Alright alright, let's get going." I sighed and walked home.

    A few hours went by and it was time for the Cotton Festival. I wore the same outfit as Rena, but in jet black with green wrist bands and a purple bow on the front of my shirt. My hat was even black to. We caught up with the others and began to wander around the festival. Then it came the time when Rika had to do her part. I watched silently with a smile on my face. She was good at this. After it was done I went over to put my cotton ball into the river.
    "Thank you, Oyrashiro-sama." I whispered so no one could hear. "I believe that you brought me from Rena's darkness."
    I let the cotton ball float down the river. I stood up and stared at Rena. Tomitake soon walked up and wanted to talk to me alone.