• The gentle heat engulfed the man resting on the barren sands, sitting on a small rock. His hand wrapped around the lengthy katana that lay across his lap. He looked around in patience, as if waiting for someone, or something. Long, crimson locks framed his tired, red eyes, but held an eerie strength that most people lacked. The hair rested on his shoulders and back, blending in perfectly with a matching outfit that adorned flames along the sleeves. From behind, another figure stalked across the expanse, yet was still quite a distance away.

    “From the moment of my creation, the future has been cloudy for me. God forbid it makes you angry, hm..?” the red-haired male finally spoke after a long silence. The pommel of his sword rubbed against his right hand, gripping it tightly as he waited for the other figure to respond.

    “It does not matter, kitsune. I know how this confrontation will end,” the figure said. Just then the red light of the sun hit part of his face. The light showed bright blond hair that tumbled over his shoulder, falling over his soft green eye and sculpted face. His face exuded contemplation and sovereignty. Bulky silver armored shone in a small glint of the light, a dim blue cloak draped over his neck and billowed slowly with every step. A huge, golden blade was strapped across his hip. Engraved runes marked the hilt and around the edges into a spiral, glowing gently like a heartbeat.

    The kitsune smiled gently with a chuckle, grunting as he stood up and reversed his katana’s angle, “Yes, as do I. With you in the dust and my blade at your throat,” he replied confidently.

    “By the time we are finished, fox boy, I won’t have a throat to slit. Besides…” the sun hit the rest of his face, revealing a grotesque visage, “How can you harm a god?” Most of his features were utterly demonic. Scarred, burned skin covered most of his face, the ghostly green eye glaring at the red-haired kitsune as the black skin was spreading over his entire face like a virus. A black horned spire rose from his brow and into the air, still dripping with blood. His affected hand reached across his hip and pulled at the sword. The virus instantly spread over the blade, transforming it into a pitch-dark broadsword, the handle now ripped apart and fusing onto his right hand.

    “Even if you happen to kill me, no one – and I mean no one – will willingly join you. Whatever future you have,” the kitsune sneered with hate, “will surely be on the path of destruction.” And with that, he sprinted forward, crackling fire appearing on the katana.

    The other man grinned maliciously, “Hm… I like the sound of that!” he exclaimed before he charged forward. Light surround the black blade as both men swung their swords at each other with enough force to shatter the planet they resided. What resulted was the largest destructive force in the Universe.

    But to others, it was only the end of a dream.