• With the wings of jet black and the face showing no care of what she just finished, the victim was laying, hopelessly, drench in its own blood. A small smirk came to ruin her delicate face. She's nor the devil, angel, or fallen angel. She's her own person. Her own kind. She does things on her own. But, doesn't do randomly. She does it with skill. She hardly leaves traces, but leaves a feather for the police. How she kill them? Well, with her weapon. Her rather large scythe. No blood spots were even spared across the room. Just his empty face and hollow screams that didn't bother. Yet again, nothing rarely bugged her. She kills people who pisses her off, or criminals. It isn't like she's gonna miss them or anything. Anyway, she was up in the sky, purposely leaving a feather, and flying off to her dorm, where her best friend awaits her.

    Wings are gone. Vanished. They dont stay on her forever. They go away, till she's really ready to hurt someone. She laid in her bed, satisfied of the night. She'll read that the victim was found, and hear the countless mobs stating they will kill the man that did that. What they dont know, that it is a girl, who is right there, in the same room, the same girl that you talk with, befriended, kissed, hugged. She always gets amusement. Anyway, she's finally sound asleep for four hours till the alarm on her friend's clock goes off. She didn't get sleep, but oh well. She got up, yawning with her eyes showing despair and emptiness. Her friend, Miyako, notices this, but doesn't say anything cause she tells her not to. Ayame doesn't want anyone to know bout her. So, she masks it with happiness and such. Ayame looks over at the nerd/slut of the school. Yes, Miya is very smart, but she sleeps with any guy she sets her eyes on.

    Ayame growled, she hates school. She wishes she wasn't seventeen and had to go to school. Her parents even forced her to go to a private school. Groaning, she just got ready for school.

    "Another murdered was committed last night. Young, Dr. Hartbarn. Police is linked to the other.." The teacher turned it off, with tears in her eyes. He was the school's doctor. The students who were ever close to that man was crying, the kids were just fed up with this bullshit was growling. Ayame just sighed, she never liked him. He was popping pills and then beating his wife. He had to be punished. "Say~ Ayame.. What do you think of these random murders?" Ayame smirked and looked at her friend. "I dont really care. He deserved it. He was popping pills.." Miya seemed to be shocked. Ayame waved her hand. "Dont worry bout it. Im sure that the police will put that guy on death row."

    A sudden wave of 'oo's' and 'ahh's' were heard. She heard the whispers. A new student? Ayame glanced upon the man. It was a boy. No s**t he's gorgeous. Once he found her face, he smiled and walked over. "Hello Ayame~" She gasped. Who is this ********]