• tab Looking up at the night sky had been a favorite past time of Mary's ever since she could remember. She would watch the stars wink at her and the ever-changing moon shining down on her like a spot light.

    tab Mary used to be pretty. She used to be able to stand before hundreds of people on a stage and sing, dance or even act! Lots of things have changed since then. A terrible thing had transformed her beautiful world to something. . . Dark. Black. A Complete nightmare.

    tab No longer was Mary pretty. No longer could she sing, dance, or act upon a stage in front of many. No longer did her world seem beautiful. Something was inside her, a... parasite of the night. It started within Mary.

    tab She had felt it the very moment it entered her body. Something was in her blood. It made her scream, Writhe on the floor in agony. A black substance oozed from under her finger nails and consumed her hand, then, ran up her arms and down her leg. Mary had tried to get it off of her, tried tearing it from her own skin, but that only made the transformation pick up speed. Soon, she had felt it coming from her eyes as black tears of darkness. She had been remade.

    tab Mary could no longer gaze at her own reflection. In fact, she avoided reflections, mirrors and anything that showed her hideous face. Half of her was consumed in a black solid liquid that was ever moving and the other half of her was pale, thin, and wild. The closest remnants of her humanity remained, but only on half of her body.

    tab Mary hated her self. She wanted everything to go back. She wanted to be pretty again... She wanted to be able to sing,dance, and act in front of many again.... But all she could do was wail, cry out and gaze up at the beautiful, glittering night sky from her clock tower.