• I crawled through the trenches, hoping to God that no one would see me, hoping even more that nothing would ******** shoot at me. The dust and smoke, burned my eyes and the fires that raged over the past few days had made the city look even more destroyed and devoid from life, there were trenches criscrossing across the city, tracers filled the air and screams of pain always were loud and concious i, but this wouldn’t stop me. I needed to get back to my bloody apartment, I needed to find my documents, or else I wouldn’t be able to get out of the city in one piece, let alone alive. I crawled into a small crater made by an artillery round , staring at myself in disgust, ******** A, I haven’t t had a decent shower in weeks and my custom clothing, L.L. Bean strong stuff by the way, were in shreds and the trenchcoat that I had killed for was smattered in blood and gore. It didn’t matter, it fit me better then it did to that soldier. As I ran from the crater and jumped to some nearby bombed out buildings taking out my pistol as I ran, an M9 Semiautomatic American-made pistol, trusty, strong, durable, and it never jammed. It has saved my life countless times and one could drown it in mud and it wouldn’t jam. The few things that Americans could do right, and this was one of them, they could make one hell of a pistol.

    ` Going through the ruins he saw the horrors of war and famine, death and destruction stained the buildings. Scorch marks of flame throwers could be seen on the walls and the burnt imprints of human remains were streaked all over the walls. The air smelled of ashes and human waste, fortunately his objective was close. Alan ran up the stairs of the building, they were in terrible shape , but he managed to get to the top, as he overlooked the surrounding area he saw a glint of what seemed to be a bullet coming striaght towards him,. All this was followed by a loud bang that sounded like exactly like Death knocking on his door. Alan quickly ducked and the shot ran through the night, as it clipped the pillar behind him. The bullet passed right by him within a hairspan away from his face, he knew that pillar was reinforced steel and only a heavy gun could go throught it meaning , the gun was one hell of caliber, easily a 50 cal or a 60 cal. Nothing his pistol could handle considering the ******** was nearly a half a klick away. Ideas ran through his head, should he shoot randomly? Or… should he just run for it… but where could he go? He’s on a bloody roof after all. To the east there were several building close enough he could jump for. Well it would’ve been good time to have accepted those aerobic lessons a couple years ago. He prepared to run for it, hoping that he would land, trusting in his speed and agility to get him across an easily 15 foot gap. With a quick motion he lunged out of his cover and emptied his clip in the general vicinity. Where he thought the sniper lied . Before the sniper could get a bead on him, he hurled himself across the gap. Hitting the roof hard, on the other building he slide against the wall and before he knew it he saw a flash He knew he was going to be shot. All he could think about were his documents that he would never get and the son he would never see. Alan screamed, refusing to accept his fate. He raised his gloved hand foolishly thinking he could stop the bullet with just his palm, he layed there for several seconds waiting. for the bullet that he hoped would never come.