• once there was this girl named victoria she had a boyfriend named jacob.On there first date they went to the movies.Then suddenly jacob saw a girl named jade.He was staring at her .Then she walked pass him to give him her phone number.At first victoria didnt know that he had an outsider girlfriend.she found out and told his parent.His parent didnt say anything.But he said that even though his parent yelled at him he would still wanna be with lade.
    A couples days later,they broke up.victoria went looking out for a guy that was her type.then finally she meant a guy named carlos. he had a beautiful eyes.then they sended there friend ove to ask eachother out.finally they got together.Then that day jade broke up with jacob.Jacob got jealouse because he knew that calos was much handsomer than he was.so then jade and jacob got back together they had 3 kids.And victoria and calos had a twin one girl and one boy.