• "Then,I walked in and they were kissing!"Nathan said.
    Kayla sighed,and hugged him."I knew Matt was always bad.."
    "I-I love you Kayla.."Nathan said.
    "I love you too,Nathan.."
    They both smiled,and looked up into the stars.Nathan digged in his pocket,and took out a very blue rose.He handed it to Kayla."It was the last one."He said with a smile.'Might as well give it to somebody who won't break your heart."
    Matt ran to Nathan the next day with Rachel on his arm."Im sorry,babe,but--"
    Matt was saying that to Rachel.Rachel kissed him and walked with a strut to her friends.
    "I HATE YOU,YOU F*CKING a**!"And with that,Nathan slapped him across the face.And he walked away to Kayla,who had the bluer rose in her hair."That a**,I cant stand him!"
    Matt had a hand on his cheek,and he looked at Nathan."..."
    Nathan just wrapped his arm around Kayla,and walked with her.They cut class that day...
    Matt and Nathan didn't talk for weeks;but Kayla and Nathan did.
    They got even closer,until one day,they finally kissed....
    Kayla leaned in and kissed Nathan.She wrapped her arms around his neck,and Nathan put his hands on her waist.He pulled back.
    "I-Im-Im sorry...sorry Nathan.."She stuttered with a smile.
    "Its O.K.I didn't mind."