• A figure in blue robes was fighting undead when he multiplied and killed every foe. He looked at the sky and then at an Undead corpse and said "This will do perfectly!".

    Character Profile
    Name: Arcus Mirroredge
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Title: The Illusionist
    Weapon: Mirage Staff
    Magic: Illusion, Metamorphosis, Polymorph, Weapon Shifting (Very secret, and only he knows it's spells).
    Personal Quote: Illusions come and go but the cause is Eternal.

    Arcus snapped a bone off the corpse and put it in his pocket. Then more Undead showed up, Arcus smiled and said "You undead are more annoying by the day".

    Then a man weilding a sword rushed into the army of undead and started hacking and slashing them to bits. He then puled out a spear right in the middle of battle and put his sword away and continued to fight when the battle was over he saw a group trying to get away. He simply pointed at one and a beam of Holy Energy struck it turning it to dust. Then he put the spear away and pulled out a Battle Hammer and said "Holy Wave!". He slamed the hammer on the groud and a shock wave hit the remaining Undead turning them to dust aswell.

    Character Profile:
    Name: Nate Archright
    Age: 23
    Race: Human / God
    Title: The Paladin
    Weapon: Angel Sword, Deity Spear, High Paladin Hammer
    Magic: Holy Magic, Divine Magic, Divine Mark (The mark of the chosen one, it can summon holy beasts and rain down beams of Angelic energy from the sky)
    Personal quote: The undead will pay for what they did to the city I called my home.

    Nate looked at Arcus and said "Hey there Mage".
    Arcus was agrovated by Nate's words "Mage? MAGE!?, I'm an Illusionist not a mage, Paladin!" Arcus said running towards Nate.

    "That's High Paladin!" Nate said chargeing at Arcus and drawing his sword. The staff and the Sword clashed and Arcus said "High Paladin or not I'm takeing you down!".

    "Try it Illusion boy!" Nate taunted.

    Arcus' staff changed into a Sword and said "Alright Holy man, let's see who's the strongest!".

    "Agreed" Nate replied, he pulled away and took out his spear.
    Arcus changed his Sword back into a Staff and made a Blade grow out of it. The two charged and started fighting, Nate tried to slash but Arcus multiplied and Nate slashed the Illusion.

    "Nice trick try this!" Nate summoned an Angel and it attacked Arcus but had no luck, Arcus turned it into a Frog and said "I can do that too!" He focused for a split second and a Dragon appeared, real and deadly, it flew into the air and dived, Nate stabbed it in the chest with his spear and it faded away.

    The two fought for hours until they were exhausted, Nate drew his Hammer and said "One more strike and it's over...". Nate raised the hammer and said "Holy...strike...".

    Arcus pointed his staff and said "100 Blades...". 100 blades appeared and flew staright towards Nate, the Shockwave from Nates hammer collided with teh baldes and in the end the Blades scattered around the battle feild and disappeared, the shock wave hit Arcus, sending him flying and when he hit the ground he passed out, Nate also exhausted passed out aswell.

    Winner of round 1: Nate Archright

    Round 2: North Blade vs Dark Claw.