• Today’s young women don’t know what they want. Ali, a 17 year old girl just wanted to be normal. She didn’t want to be a wereleopard. Ali went to a special school, one that was only for what humans called “super natural creatures.” Humans don’t really know about these creatures, they believe they aren’t real. Ali wished they weren’t, because she didn’t want to be one, that’s all she was thinking about in the middle of history class. When the bell rang, Ali jumped up from her seat and walked down the hall to lunch. Not paying attention, Ali walked straight into a guy, knocking them both down and their stuff flying in the air around them. Ali got up immediately and apologized to the guy, helping him up. When she finally looked him in the face she blushed bright red. His eyes stood out from the rest of his face.
    "They're perfect!" Ali thought to herself. The shape, the design of the colors mixing together was mesmerizing. A pool of bright green with waves of dark brown and black. Ali got lost in his eyes, then she finally snapped back into reality, he was there, waving his hand in front of her face.
    “Hello? You okay? Do you need medical help?” Ali shook her head no then looked back at him and mumbled.
    “I’m okay” then looked around them to see all of their school work scattered around. She sighed then started picking up all their work, trying to figure out what was hers and what was his. He bent down and helped too, but periodically looked at her, while she looked up at him every once in a while. They eventually get all their work and head their separate ways. She left for her lunch table and sat there sorting through all the work, then realized that her history homework was missing. So Ali got up and searched for the guy with the perfect eyes.
    She eventually found him outside, sitting on the stairs with a friend of his, she assumed. Ali walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and looked at her.
    “Can I help you miss?” he asked with a slight smile.
    Ali blushed a bit and replied “I think you took my history homework when I knocked you over.” He blinked a few times then grabbed his bag, looking for the history paper. He found it then handed it back to her.
    “Sorry about that, to apologize for everything how about I take you to dinner tonight?” Ali smiled and nodded.
    “That would be extremely nice of you, by the way, what is your name?” she asked with a curiously. Ali couldn’t help herself but to fiddle with her fingers, waiting for the answer. She desperately wanted to know his name.
    “Damian, Damian Van-Claire” He said with a sweet seductive tone. “Meet me here around 7pm tonight, and dress nice” He said as he and his friend got up and walked back inside the building. Right when Damian walked into the school, the bell rang and Ali ran inside to the lunch room to get her bag and then go to the rest of her classes before she was able to go home. When three o'clock hit, the bell rang to release the students from the jail called school.
    Ali rode the bus home like she did every day for an hour, staring out the window. When the hour was up, she walked a mile from the bus stop to her house. Ali gets home around 4:30pm every day. She got the mail, went inside, and told her mom about Damian and how he is taking her to dinner tonight. After chatting about that, Ali sat at the kitchen table and did her homework. She then went upstairs and got ready for dinner. Ali decided to wear her pink and brown plaid sundress and brown high heel boots. Ali then did her hair and make-up and everything else. Ali’s mom then drove her back to the school at 6:30 pm and arrived at the school at 6:45 pm. That’s when Ali sat on the stairs out front of the school and waited for Damian to arrive. At exactly 7pm Damian showed up, dressed perfectly, black trousers, a white button down shirt, that had two buttons undone at the top, showing off his smooth tan skin. He didn’t say a word, he just held out his hand to her. Ali took his hand and they started walking deep into town. The whole walk he didn’t say a word. Ali still was enjoying it though, she was just happy to get to look at him and that he was taking her to dinner. They walked into a classy restaurant and sat down at a window table. Damian ordered their food and smiled at Ali. The food quickly came and they ate in silence. Immediately after eating he took her hand, paid at the counter, and left. Ali still didn’t care that he wasn’t talking. “What now?” Ali asked looking up at him. He just kept walking, eventually they ended up in an empty park, that’s when he grabbed her by the waist, pulled her to him and kissed her. Ali automatically kissed him back, then she looked him in the eyes, yet again lost in them. At that moment her eyes meet his, she felt a feeling she had never felt before. That’s when she had realized that he had put his hand threw her chest and was ripping out her heart. She was just one of the other girls who had fell for his silent charm and ended up dead for it.