• The moon's light shone on my face. I lay in my bed, on my side, my open eyes looking towards the window. I felt my chest rise and fall to the night's song of crickets and wind. My mind was clouded with tired thoughts and everything was blurred. But only one thing stood out. There was some tension in the air. Something was wrong; terribly wrong.

    Something was calling my name in a soft, shrill voice. It was melodic in a strange way. It scared me a little, yet I wanted to follow it. I look towards my door. It was slightly open and a flickering light shone through the crack like a candle. It was not yellow like a flame, but a light blue ball of moonlight.

    I heard the voice again. “Minah... Come dance with us...” I slowly climbed out of the bed, lured by the whispers. The voice raised goosebumps on my arms. Its whispers sounded like nails on a chalkboard, and I hated the sound. I took silent steps in my socks as I went down the hallway. The light was in front of me, guiding me to the back door. My mom was asleep on the couch and the TV’s volume was on mute.

    The netted back door to the outside world opened with a little help from the wind. I caught it before it hit the wall. I sighed relieved, knowing now that my mom was dead asleep. I walked through and it squeaked a little as it shut behind me. I took a forced step forward into the soft grass as it rustled quietly in front of me teasingly. I looked up at the starless, night sky, the moon watching my movements. I continued forward, wandering away from my home. Where I was going, not even I knew.

    The voice calls to me again, beckoning me to the right. “Minah... Come dance with us... Come...” The voice was louder and it sent shivers down my spine. The moonlight shone on me from behind, like a quiet stalker. I feel it's cold hard stare on my back, wanting me to run.

    I walked swiftly, my pace picking up into a run. Every step I took, the voice grew louder, ringing in my ears. I felt the urge to dance, to twirl in place and jump. What was this? I looked around and noticed that the grass had turned to a purplish color. I turned around to where I had come from. I couldn't see my home anymore.

    The voice enchanted me again, my arms and legs moving as graceful as a ballerina. A twirl here and a jump there. Soon I closed my eyes, letting unheard music move my body. I felt a smile make its way onto my face, like a hook on each side of my mouth. I felt like a helpless puppet.

    As I opened my eyes there are little lights flitting around my in the air. I stopped dancing to observe the little creatures, to wonder what they were. I remembered reading a book about a girl who met a fairy. But the story described them as little people with wings! I marveled at them, hoping that they were the little wish-granters I believed in.

    I heard them sing again, their voices hanging in the air.

    “Follow the whispers of the wind... Out of sleep and out of your bed... Follow your ears to a strange place... Where tricky pixies fly with grace...”