• Faster; the sound of footsteps could be heard as the dark tressed woman darted down a nearby alley in hopes that it would provide some form of safety. A low growl resonated off the dark walls. She was definitely not alone. Her blue eyes shifted back and forth apprehensively as she tried to ascertain where exactly the predator was. Her human senses made the task a futile one, as she desperately sought to find a way to stave off her impending demise. An almost human snarl was uttered before a scream of terror pierced the silence only to end in the sound of gurgling as the creature bit down harshly on the woman's throat. Slowly, her eyes rolled back into her head as the life ebbed from her once lovely body.

    The creature swallowed hungrily, a glutton seeking to feed a hunger of an uncommon nature. A frenzy had taken him, and the woman was merely cattle to him. His source of nourishment. Gradually, his eyes began to take on a more coherent tinge as the vitae from the woman's veins coated his tongue and throat. He drew back as he felt her pulse weaken and eventually stop; his tongue flicking out across his lips to wipe away the remnants of her life essence before gazing down at her in smug contempt.

    "Thanks for dinner, girl. Sorry I hate to eat and run, but you are kind of dead." The man chuckled coldly as he used a clean scrap of her shirt to wipe away the blood staining his chin and neck. He shrugged to himself, rising, then vacated the secluded alleyway.

    He hadn't always been such a cocky a**. Circumstances with nosey kine had led him to be rather unfeeling in regards to any human's welfare. His name was Lyrkelus; an odd name given to him by his parents that he'd been ridiculed for having at a young age, but had grown to like it after his embrace. He was an attractive man by some standards, though his pretty boy face tended to draw the wrong kind of attention. Granted, any attention usually meant a free meal, he still found it to be a bit of a hassle at times.