• When Captain Philipines knew that General Tyrant is behind this he just searched for him but no luck then Metal Man showed up to him and said "Do not waste your time looking for him there many other villians in the Philippines follow me to begin your journey"Then he followed him to his hideout then there when he found that there are many more villians in the Philippines and his computer ringed "ALERT! ALERT!" someone destroying the metal factory then he got there with Metal Man's Teleporter Captain Philipines said to the destroyer "Who are you" the villian said "just call me Illusion" the villian had 4 arms and he duplicates himself and he holds 4 rapiers and he wears a tech suit made by General Tyrant again Illusion said "This tech suit allows me breathe anywhere you see i was crashed by a meteor too and got me this strange alien powers too" Captain Philipines said "How did you know" Illusion said "I saw your bike crash by a black little ball" Then they battled They didnt know who was the true one so Metal Man just did his telekenesis to destroy a the Ilusions one was left Metal Man said "that must be the true one" Then Illusion jumped to the big rope then the rope broke after hes rapier touched it then he fell fast before Metal Man and Captain Philipines saved him Then Illusion said "NOOOOOOOO!" Captain Philipines tried to reach his hand but he was too late Metal Man said "were too late" Captain Philipines said "General Tyrant did this for him to be evil " to be continued

    Files and powers
    Name:Metal Man

    Files:real name Rock Hamms A.K.A Metal Man Hometown: Pasig City Philipines Birthday:August 24

    Powers:He can fly, Telekenesis, Magnetism,

    Next issue:Issue 3 Death Crew [Darkus,Arrowfish, and Rocker] Arrives