• Katherine walked out of her house in the middle of the village. The whole town of Florence was bustling with excitement over the summer solstice ball, which was a tradition in the town. You needed to be 16 to enter, and she was finally old enough to enter. The whole town got into their fanciest clothes and went to a ball with an orchestra, a grand feast, and the king and queen were going to be there! She walked down the road to Prudence, one of her friends' houses. She knocked on the door, and her father answered. "Hello," she said politely, "I'm here to see Prue." Her father called Prue downstairs, and a girl with night black hair and storm cloud colored eyes walked downstairs. "Hi Katherine!" Katherine had straight blond hair and blue eyes that reminded people of ice. The walked toward the meadow, where Elizabeth lived. Elizabeth was smaller than they were and shyer. She had curly strawberry blond hair and green eyes that was the same color as the meadow. They knocked on her door. "Elizabeth!" She greeted them both with a warm hug. "I have to help my mom cook for my siblings. I'll see you later at the ball." They walked back toward the village, where the ball was going to start soon.

    Katherine had just finished getting ready. Her white dress was the same color as the snow, and it had pale blue bows and lace. Her hair was pinned up in a bun. She was going downstairs, but she saw the attic door, which was locked forever, open. She wondered up the stairs, and it seemed like she stepped into a witch's coven. There was a black cauldron and many potions and spells. She then saw one spell that layed on top of a trunk. She took it up in her hands and was about to start reading it, but her mother called her down. "Katherine. We're leaving now!" She ran downstairs, putting the spell on her bed. Her date, William, who was waiting for her, handed her a rose. "Thank you." she said happily, but was still wondering what the spell said

    When she got to the ball, everyone was already eating biscuits and dancing to the orchestra that was playing. Her date went off to talk to the other men that were there. She came to the table where Prue, in a black dress with lighting colored bows, and Elizabeth, who wore a green dress with pink lace, was sitting. "Something very strange happened to me." they all said at the same time." You first." Elizabeth hesitated. "I found a place in my attic with a bunch of witch craft stuff." Prue and Katherine looked at each other. "Us too!" Katherine then remembered something. "My brother must be up to his usual pranks." Her little brother was always causing trouble and pulled pranks on everyone. "That's a possibility, but let's just forget about it and enjoy the night."

    As they walked home, the night was clear and there was magic in the air. They separated on the way back to their houses. "I'll see you tomorrow. Prue said.

    That night, Katherine finally read the spell. "Come upon us nature, ice, and storm, come upon us and give us your power." She went to sleep and a glow filled the three girl's rooms. They were given necklaces that resembled there powers, and had no idea on the power they now had.

    The next morning, Katherine awoke, feeling unusually cold. She dressed quickly in a pink gown that was in her closet, and went downstairs. It was raining hard outside, so she grabbed a red cloak on the way out. She ran quickly toward Prue's house, but she noticed ice on the ground. Ice on the first day of summer? Unusual. she thought as she knocked on the door. Prue answered, but she was crying at the same time."W-w-what h-h-happen?" she shivered as the ground around her started to feel slippery."My boyfriend of about a year dumped me. That horrible man!" She stomped her foot on the ground, and a flash of lighting streaked through the sky."Calm down Prue." She gave her a hug, and the sky suddenly cleared up. "Thank you. But you feel cold." Prue saw the sky change, and she was surprised. "I-I-I d-d-d-don't k-k-k-now w-w-why I'm cold." Elizabeth came toward the house, twirling as flowers bloomed around her."Hello! What a beautiful day!" Prue elbowed Katherine. "Did you read that spell you found?" Katherine was surprised. The spell was ACTUALLY a real witch's spell, and when she read it, they all got powers. "Yes I did, but I didn't think it was actually going to work." Rain clouds were starting to appear again. "What are we going to do? They'll burn us to the stake and everything." Rain started to fall again. Elizabeth danced up to her. "Why are you in such a bad mood? Today is a happy day, the first day of summer!" Daisies sprouted up around her. "Elizabeth, look down." She saw the flowers, and her cheerful smile went away. "Oh my. Do we have a problem." "Calm down. I might be able to think of a solution." She looked up, and the rain was getting softer. "We just have to keep ourselves in control. If we do, our powers won't respond as well." Elizabeth looked at her. "I would much rather learn to control them. If we learn, then we might not have to worry about them." Prue and Katherine both looked at Elizabeth. She had never been the one to say plans, but was always a follower. " I think I might know how."

    Prue and Elizabeth followed Katherine to her attic. The one spell had turned into a book, a bookful of spells. "Lets read the first page." Prue opened it. "Dear future witches, You have finally discovered your powers. You are now on a magical journey to learn how to use them properly. Inside this book, you will find spells, how to make potions, and all the basic skills of a witch. We may not be here now, but we believe you will learn. From Phoebe, Katie, and Elijah, the witches of 1300." Katherine looked at her. " Read more." Prue turned to the next page. "The history of us." was the title of the page. "For many years, witches have been in the world. We have special gifts and abilities that allow us to make potions, brews, and cast spells. We also have our own special powers, like the ones you hold currently, mostly having to do with nature. You will learn to control and harness your powers, not to mention other abilities you might have." "What 'other abilities'?" Katherine said. She turned the page, which finally told of the powers they had "The powers of Ice." the page read. "I think I should read this one." The page read, "You have the powers to freeze things on touch, not to mention powerful ice attacks. You can also freeze things with your breath and manipulate snow and ice." She turned the page. "Storm! Let me see!" Katherine moved away to let Prue read. "You powers are linked with the weather. The weather is currently based on emotions, but once more experienced, you will be able to conger up storms on command. You can also control thunder, lighting, wind, and hail. You can also float and manipulate the natural weather." "Cool!" Prue said. "Elizabeth, come and see about your powers." Elizabeth slowly walked up to the book. "The manipulation of the earth. Your power may have the least amount of attacks, but it is the most rewarding." "What?!? Aw...." She sulked, but kept reading. "You can control the plants and animals, and can even bring dead thing back to life. You are also a friend of all animals, being able to understand and communicate with them.You are in charge of the world, and it is a big responsibility." "Wow.....Even with little attacks." He head came up and she smiled. "Well, since we know everything, we should stop reading and start practicing."

    They spent the rest of the day at the deserted lakefront, where nobody ever gone to. They were barely starting to get the hang of it, but they were better than this morning."Ugh, why can I do this?!" Katherine said when she was trying to freeze a small area of land. "Remember what the book said; it will take time to learn to control them." Elizabeth said this, but was getting the hang of her new powers quickly. "Lucky; your already growing trees!" Prue; who was known as a bookworm to her friends and family, kept reading. "This book is chocked full of spells, how to make potions, not to mention information on our ancestors." "OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO HARD!!!" Katherine said and put her arms out. The whole lake froze solid, the way it did in the winter. She smiled, and easily unfroze it. "Nice! I got it!" She walked toward Prue, who was still reading. "Look what it says here." "Before each of the three sisters separated, they cast a spell, making each girl in the new family a witch. They walked away from each other, and were immediately burned to the stake. Their daughters were the new witches, and it still is like that today." Katherine noticed that whenever her grandmother came over, she and her mom always went to the attic, which she was never able to open before. "Hey, maybe our mothers are witches too. Since we all are basically related." "That is a possibility." She looked at Katherine. "I want to try my powers. Want to read for a while?"Katherine took the book and Prue tried to learn to control her powers. It was actually a really interesting book. She turned to the page that had information on the original sisters. She read about Katie, who she was most related to. Katie had the power to control water and also the power to breath underwater. It didn't say anymore for her. She read about Prue's past, Phoebe. She had the power to control fire and to teleport. Elijah had the power to control the wind, make breezes, and create tornadoes. She was also able to move objects with her mind. Lucky Elizabeth. she thought, being able to tell her powers were going to be mastered first.

    Katherine walked home with the book. Everyone was suppose to be in bed, as she thought. She went to put the book back in the attic, but the door was already open. She walked up the stairs, and saw her mom meditating, but was a few feet off the ground. "Mom?" she said behind her. "Ah!" she screamed as she fell to the ground. "You didn't see that." she said, still startled. "Trust me mom, I know already." She put her hand in front of her, freezing an old potion. "So...you know already." "Yes I do, the sisters and powers and everything." She smiled. "I've been waiting for you to come of age. I remember when your grandmother introduced me when I was your age. But I still have a lot to explain to you, things that the book hasn't told you yet. Let's talk for a bit."

    Her mom told her on how she discovered her power of sonic scream and being able to breath fire, ice, and more. Her two best friends, Penny and Emily, also had powers. Emily could fly and Penny could control time and space. But a spell accidentally made them switch powers, but it was when they had full experience with them. That was the reason why her mom was floating above the ground. She kissed Katherine on the forehead and blew out the candle that was the source of light.

    A few days later, the girls were a little better with their powers. Katherine was able to freeze things with her hands, and she was working on her ice breath. Prue could take control of the weather, but only for a short time. Elizabeth was speeding by them, being able to grow plants and communicate with animals. "Man, you're lucky. Your going to get more powers earlier than we are." Prue said as she tried again to conger a cloud. "It just comes easy to me." She out out her hand, making an apple grow from a tree. She took it and bit it. "Lucky." Prue said, not being able to take the fact that Elizabeth was getting the hang of it really quickly. "Calm down Prue. Even though you're taking a long time, you still have the most powerful power of the three of us." Prue let out a sigh. She closed her eyes, and concentrated. Then she put her hands toward the sky. She floated, and a she heard thunder. She opened her eyes, and realized that she was above the ground, and a storm was starting. "Katherine, I did it!" She smiled, as she floated around, making rain come down from the clouds and making thunder. She smiled at her. "Good job. If only I could get this technique." Prue came back down to the ground. "Just concentrate. You'll get it." The sky cleared up, and the sun was setting on the horizon. "I have to get home, my mom's telling me everything about our heritage besides we were sisters." Elizabeth looked up from her apple. "So it is true? So that means my mom is one." "Bye." They all ran off with smiles.

    Prue's storm was permeate, and with the windows open made it harder for Katherine to sleep. She then heard steps. "Mom?" she said, walking out into the hallway. Nobody was there, but the attic door was open. She slowly descended up the stairs, and a dark being was right near the book, saying something that sounded like Latin. She gasped, and the being looked at her. It took out a knife, and Katherine started to get nervous. Wait, I have kick-a** powers! She inhaled like she practice at the lake, but this time, a icy storm like mist came out of her mouth. The being let out a roar, but was frozen solid as he did. Yes! she thought. She slowly walked downstairs, going back to bed with good thoughts.

    Katherine and her friends met back at the lake the next day to practice. "Guys, something weird happened to me last night." "What?" Elizabeth said, as she took a small bunny in her hands. "I heard steps coming from the attic, and when I went up, I saw a dark being, and when I say dark, I mean it. It was about to kill me, but I froze it with my breath." "That happen?" Prue said, a little uneasy about the truth about evil. "Yes it did." "Well with that happening, you mastered ice breath." Prue floated up, about to try making hail. But when that happened, Katherine felt an urge to go underwater. She started removing her clothes. "What are you doing?" Elizabeth said. "I'm going for a swim. Isn't it summer?" She dived in. She stayed underwater for a long time, swimming quiet fast for a normal person. She came out, letting the cold rush get to her and drying her off. "Wow, you swam fast, almost like a flash of lighting." She put her clothes on. "I'm not sure what happened." She walked toward Elizabeth. "Why is your hair full of flowers?" She took a strand, and saw many blooms on her head. "I don't know. It just happens, but I feel comfortable with it." A grass bracelet appeared on her hand. "Man Prue looks really good in the sky." Katherine said. They both looked at her, who looked like she was queen of the sky, floating around and causing great storm activity. " I gotta work more on my powers. You two are steaming ahead of me." Katherine walked by the lake, took a deep breath, and made an ice breath that froze the whole lake and some land. "Not the grass!" Elizabeth said. She went toward it, and put her hands on it. A green light came out of her hands, unfreezing the ground and the grass becoming green again. "Wow Elizabeth." She continued to work on her ice power, and got better. Soon she was able to make ice shards, snow, and even make it hail before Prue learned how to.

    Prue walked up to the attic. Her mom was downstairs having tea with another friend, and she wanted to see what was upstairs. She had heard some noises earlier, and she went to investigate. She then saw a black figure in the shape of a panther. She screamed as it prowled near her. The door closed, and she had no escape. She put her hands out forcefully, and a powerful wind and ice storm came through the window. The panther roared, but it didn't do any good.What do I do? She had no time to think, so without thinking, she created a hurricane that hit the panther, the wind blowing it outside. She looked out the window, and the panther had burned in the sunlight. She put her hands down, and the storm stopped. She had finally been hit with the fact evil was real, and she was scared about it.

    A day when the girls were out, Katherine's mother invited Emily and Penny over. "Our girls have finally discovered they are witches." Emily said. "Yes I know. It's kinda heartbreaking to see they've finally grown up." Kathy, Katherine's mom said, a tear forming in her eye. "We haven't told them about how evil is going to do everything in their power to kill them." Penny looked at her, just as scared as the first time her mom told her. "I would not tell them. Prue ran to me yesterday, saying a panther got in the attic yesterday." Emily looked down "I don't want poor Elizabeth to find out. She already has enough problems after the death of her father." Her father was killed by a demon, and Emily managed to banish it before figuring out he died. She changed the subject after saying that. "You think we could try switching our powers again? I know it's been a while, but we should try." Kathy walked toward the drawer where the spell had been since that day. They all said the ancient spell, and they felt their powers being lifted, and making a switch. "I want to see if it worked." Emily levitated into the air, then came down gracefully. "I hope ours came out right." Penny put her hands out, freezing time. "See. I told you we'd be able to fix it. We should have tried this 20 years ago!" They all laughed and continued to talk about their memories as witches.

    The girls were almost done mastering their powers. The weather was no longer linked to Prue's emotions, but were linked to her command. Katherine knew just about every ice attack in existence, but was still getting the urge to swim. Elizabeth was able to perfectly speak to animals telepathically, and had full control over the plants. Katherine was currently swimming. "Come in the water! It's so refreshing!!" She was able to swim really fast and stay underwater for very long periods of time. "Since you got your powers, you went from being a terrible swimmer to being able to swim like a fish!" Elizabet said in shock. "I don't know. It just came to me." She came out and noticed her necklace had a snowflake and a seashell. "Cool. Added accessory." She made ice spikes come out of midair, then froze a part of the field. Then, a tornado came flying toward them. They screamed, then started running. It stopped immediately."What happened?" Prue came out from spinning, laughing. "You two looked so frightened!" "What did you do?" Katherine asked "I started spinning around, but I spun so fast, that I made a tornado!" "Wow. I wish I could do that." Elizabeth said. She lowered her hand, forcing a redwood tree out of the ground. "Wow." Prue then crashed into it, coming back to the ground. "Now we're even." They laughed...TBC