• "Today," voiced a man clad in dark armor, his eyes shinning defiantly," Those that die on this field will be dying for our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!" Raising his skull-topped spear into the air he shouted, " We die for the future of this country! The future of our families and those to come!" With that last remark he pointed his pear forward, towards an awaiting army, "Onward to glory!" At once the late winter air echoed the sound of a thousand of beats, making it sound similar a thousand heartbeats as the horses galloped in a synchronized fashion. The sky began to darken as the atmosphere was filled with arrows, blotting out the sun. The dark armored man whispered, "So we will die in the shade then..."
    He knew no one would survive this onslaught. Not a single soul would live to see the sun rise again, but they kept riding forward completely aware of this fact. On every man and woman's mind was their families, their loved ones left behind to live in the bright future they were dying for. He cried for the first time since the king massacred his village, causing his sight to sharpen instead of blur. The tears cleared his vision beyond belief. Then it was silent, in the middle of battle the field had fallen silent. He turned all had stopped moving, they only stared upward with horror and fear in their eyes. He reigned his horse and raised his head. The only thought to enter his mind at that moment was an old saying, God punishes us for what we can't imagine. He knew this is what it meant, it was impossible for it to exist. Yet it did. The sky had been set ablaze by a demon, fearsome beyond the human grasp of imagination. The king's mythic pet, a demon the color of the sun, and even more powerful. The hands of time began to weave the tragedy yet to come.