• Recap

    "Yes I have parents, and no they're actually Onehundredthriteythousand (130,000) years old for you info," I said getting up and shaking my head trying to get what happened out of my mind.

    "Okay then, that totally beats, my 21 years at best. Sorry for me being all questiony today, but why did Rachel say you only had three days till your parents get here?" I heard him ask another question.

    "Apparrently............." I paused replaying what my little sister told me, "They're coming to visit, and see my bride to be," I told him glancing up. He saw my eyes were crimson, and backed away.

    "You might want to go find another taxi driver, or a hobbo, becasue you're looking hungry, and I really don't want to be your snack. I want to live longer, and not be killed by a vampire, thank you." He said looking up, and noticing that the back door was swung open, he'd been talking to thin air. "Ah darnet Alastair," Matt exclaimed, slamming his head on his desk.

    Mae's Pov.

    Man was I giddy! All my friends were totally happy for me that I've actually finally gotten a job for myself. I couldn't sleep through the night so I stayed up watching some sort of soap opera that was in Spanish, while eating my favorite ice cream, chunky choco chocolate, yum! While watching I had become bored enough that I fell asleep on the coach. Through the night while I slept, my icecream had melted down into a nice, nasty, brown looking liquid.

    When I woke up around seven a.m. I swung my legs from my coach which just happened to land in that brown liquid. Looking down to find it I freaked hoping that it would find out. Grabbing a towel, and one of those scribby vaccums that could get any stain out. I rubbed the carpet, and then vaccumed.

    Thankfully that stain came out only leaved a wet spot behind, that I left to dry.

    Being my first day to work I was so excited that I had forgot to set my alarm clock, it's was already 10:00 a.m.!

    Once I got there I found Alastair and Matt jst sitting around, and looking through photos and paper work.

    "How was your day Mae?" Alastair asked not looking up.

    "It was good I'm sorry for being late on the first day it's just that I-I...................." I was cut off from my stuttering when Matt walked up and patted me on the back.

    "Oh don't worry about it! We're not like those bosy bosses who get up in your face for being late." They seemed so layed back about this job. It was something I didn't expect from Alastair, since he seemed to be proffesional, and all, but Matt, I could see him being like that.

    "Okay so I was wondering what my first task would be for the day?" I looked back and forth from Alastair, and Matt.

    "Oh well your going to be heading out with me to do wedding shots, for our first customer. Matt will stay here and look over the shop. Also your going to have to fill these out, on our way," Alastair said. I was excited about this, but more paper work.

    "What's this for?" I asked looking at the papers.

    "Just some things about your working prefrences in general," Alastair said sitting down shifting through some other paper work of his own. Frowning I sat down at a coach and began to go through it. It seemed like the ussual stuff that I'm seen so I guessed it was fine.

    Alastair's POV.

    Mae took the papers, and scanned through them, then began to fill them out. I kept glancing towards her when she wasn't looking adn began to think how'd my parents react to my choice of a bride. Mother would probably smile in the same way as the other girls I had chosen. And you know how you'd see the sign for a missing girl or soemthing, yeah you can balme my mom for that since when she turned them down to my dissapointment, probably thinking they weren't good enough, she'd drink their blood for a snack. Then there was my father, he wouldn't even give them a glance, only to keep an eye out for my sister Rachel, and mommy.

    Hopefully Mae wouldn't be eaten, and my father would give her a chance, and at least give her a glance, or speak to them.

    I saw a shodow cast over my desk and then papers in front of me.

    "Finished," Mae announced about her paper work. "Can we go now, and get the weddign pictures taken?" She asked seeming to be excited.

    I stood up, and headed to the door. "Yes we can we're going to take my car, since it's a bit of a drive," Mae started to head to the door, where I had it open. Turning the corner of the door she waited for me to show her to where my car was. Before leaving I turned back to Matt to remind him of something. "Matt if I find that your sleeping here while I'm gone be prepared for something once I come back, also be careful my parents might come early, and they hate werewolves, unlike me, so they might try and bite you," After I said bite Matt's face blanched, at the thought.

    That's make him stay awake. He stood up and started walking towards me. "You didn't say anything abnout your paretns coming early!" He yelled quietly.

    "Yes, well they like coming at unexpecting times, still keep that in mind," Heading out the store still hearing his complaining, I went over to Mae.

    "You two alright? It seems like you fight alot with eachother," Mae seemed kind of concerned about Matt's behavior. It was so sweet of her.

    "No everythings alright he gets like that every once in a while, kind of like when a person comes home and there dog wants attention," I said with another meaning behind the dog comment. I heard her giggle, which gave me the thought of what my parents would think of her.

    "Okay then, at least you know thne. He's really nice though atleast we all get together," I walked over to my car and unlocked the doors. Opening the passenger side I motioned for Mae to get in. "Well this is my chariot," I announced to her, she got in and smile.

    "Thanks," She said.

    Mae's POV.

    The car was reallly nice! It was black on the outsite, and had leather interior on the inside. I looked back towards Alastair who was sticking the keys into the ignition, then turning them to start the car.

    "What type of car is this?" I asked looking surprised at him.

    "A Mercedes Benz," He said concetrating more on watching where he was going while pulling out.

    "Isn't that an expensive car? Where'd you get the money?" I asked and saw a small smirk come on his face. "Noit trying to be rude though it's just the photography place isn't that big and all," I blurted out.

    "You could say it was a gift from my parents. They gave it to me for a congradution gift for the shop," Alastair said glancing at me for my expression. "They're kind of rich," He told me.

    "Well that was nice of them," I said thinking what they must be like.

    "Yeah and they're coming up in a couple of days too," I looked over to him surpirsed. Now why would he be telling me of all people? "They want to meet the people I'm working with," Well now I had my answer to why he was telling me. "And I or they were wondering if I could get my co-workers, you and Matt, to have dinner at my place, this week of course," It took me a bit to analyze what he said.

    "Uhm yeah I'd like to," I said to him smiling. I looked into the front window to notice that we weren't in the busy city anymore which surprised me.

    "Good they'll be glad to here that, and just to tell you my moms an excellant cook too," He said winking at me.