• Chapter 1:

    "Man the sails, these winds are mighty fierce mates!" shouted Captain Aaron Rush," We don't want anymore accidents do we, Michael?" "Ey! Can we not talk about it Captain? I've already got enough problems as it is!" retorted Michael. "Yeah, and quit with the pirate talk, it makes you sound like a complete idiot. Oh wait..." Sean said. "Hey, he's just having fun, this is an adventure, right?" said Marcusa. "Pfft. Wish I could have fun." replied Ariel. "Alright, crew, enough of the chit chat! Time to get down to business. As soon as we find out where we are, we'll head to port, talk to the locals, and maybe find some adventure." Aaron Rush smirked. "Well we better do it fast, Captain, we've got a fog coming!" Marcusa shouted.

    The fog, slowly drifting in, engulfed the ship and crew and created zero visibilty throughout the entire area. "I can't see a thing captain!" yelled Michael. "Sean, drop the anchor! We can't move on until we're able to see. Everyone just stand still for a while until I find a fan or something to get rid of this fog..." Aaron Rush scrambles around, stumbling over empty buckets and knocking over everything in his way. "Ah, I found...something." "Uh...captain?" asked Sean. "Yes, Sean?" "Look over the starboard side of the ship." "What I don't see-"

    The largest ship, said to be only a legend, was floating right next to Aaron Rush's face. It was decorated with ancient hieroglyphs, and painted a golden red, the only thing about it was...it was unmanned. "Sir, no one is on that ship." stated Ariel. "I know, but lets not think of it as a gift just yet." replied Aaron. "He's right, this is just too suspicious. I mean, we're lost, there's a ton of fog, and I don't have a good feeling about this." agreed Marcusa. "Well, maybe we just send one person on there? Then they scout it out?" asked Michael. "I'll do it, piece of cake." Sean said courageously. "No, Sean, I don't want to risk anyone on some weird boat with markings all over it. You're staying here." "No! I'm tired of you always trying to hold me back! I can do this!" "Sean you-" "I'm going!" "Sean, no!"

    Sean ran towards the other boat and jumped off, landing on the other side. "Sean, you don't know what's going on yet!" shouted Aaron Rush. "I already know what's going on, I'm on this awesome new boat, and nothing has happend to me yet. I guess I'll be captain of-"
    But before Sean could finish, the ropes on the ship grabbed him, strangling him. "Sean!" "Aaron, somebody, HELP!!!" Aaron made a leap towards the other boat but was pushed back strongly, by some invisble force. "What the hell?" "Aaron, are you ok?" asked Michael. "Yeah, I'm fine." "What about Sean?" asked Ariel. Everyone turned around back to where the mysterious boat, and the kidnapped Sean were located, but he, or the boat, were no longer there. "It's like...they disappeared into thin air..." said Marcusa. "What are we going to do captain?" asked Michael. Aaron stood there, not believing that his best friend just disappeared into thin air... "Aaron?" asked Ariel. "We're going to find Sean, that's what we're going to do. Ariel, set course for port." "Alright, sir." "You sure you're ok?" Marcusa asked. "...Yeah."

    As the fog disappates from the area, the boat slowly starts to lurch toward land, and maybe toward answers for this mysterious boat, and Sean's disappearance.