• ~Naruto ch.3!~

    (bloody claw!)and instantly bright red chakra formed around her hands. She scratched at her sensei missing, (he's fast) she thought, and then he disappeared in a flash. She looked around for him(above, back, left, right)she thought "then it has to be…below!!" she punched ground with her bare fist, and rocks blew up into the air like an explosion. "there you are" she said when she spotted him among the rocks. she ran towards him at full speed. (baka punch!) her hand glowed once again, this time she made full contact, but he turned into smoke. (damn! A shadow clone) she thought. Just when she was about to turn around she was punched in the face. A scream escaped her lips. Her head hit the ground hard her vision turned blurry….when she woke up she saw that she was in a super messy room, on the wall was a poster of a girl who looked familiar. Then the door opened to revile a woman with black hair and black eyes in her late 40's drying her hands with a dish towel. "saya dinner's almost ready" "mom?" (where the hell did that come from?)saya thought. "saya?" the woman said. "um….yes?" saya said. "she's probably taking a shower" the woman said to her self. "hey! Wait!" but she disappeared behind the door. Saya ran to the door opening only to show utter darkness. "what the--" she was cut off when she was being pulled into the darkness. Suddenly a voice talked to her in her head(until you awaken I shall wait for you my love…sleep forever in the darkness…)said a deep velvety voice, then saya fell a sleep. She once again woke up to see that she was in a white room with a curtain. "hello, anyone here?" she called hoarsely out but no answer. She lifted herself up to see more clearly, the room was empty. She stared to get up when someone walked in the door, it was…Naruto. "*sign* Naruto I'm glad you're here" I said. "everybody she's awake!" Naruto screamed. "calm down naru--" her sentence was cut off when Naruto tackled her to the ground hugging her. "can't--breath" she said gasping "oh sorry" Naruto helped her up and sat her back on her bed. "you wouldn't believe this!" Naruto said. "we have a new teammate, her name is iveea, she's weird and emo." I smacked Naruto up side the head. "stop being so mean" I said annoyed. "but it's true! She threw needle's at me!" "she was probably trying to teach you a lesson on how to be nice to people" I said in a-matter-a-fact voice. "well it wasn't a good lesson. I started to change the subject, "how long have I been asleep?" I said. "for a whole week!" "what the hell?! I've been asleep for a whole week?!" I screamed. "yeah" Naruto covering his ears. "dude…..lets go home" I said tiredly. "m'kay" we went to the doctors office first to get my medicine and then we signed out of the hospital. When we reached home I ran to my bed and slept. The next day I woke up early so I can train by myself. When I left home the sun hadn't come out yet, but little ray of light showed me the way to the training grounds. In the middle of the field there was a girl knocking down trees. "um…hi" I said shyly. she turned around to face me but she didn't say anything but nod. " so I never seen you before, are you new?" I said hesitating. walked to the other side of the field and In four hours I was drenched in sweat. I sat down in the shade resting. "naruto.." I whispered. I didn't know why I said it but it was nice to say his name. my eyes slowly closed. Someone was shaking me fast but gentle. I looked up to see a orange blur, I blinked a few times when my vision became clearer. "naruto?" I said groggily. "the one and only! Anyway I've looking for you everywhere!" "oh…I was training" "well since you're here kakashi sensei needs you" "why?" "I don't know." I got up and dusted my self off. In the middle of the field stood kakashi, sakura, sasuke and the girl I met earlier, kakashi was telling them that we were going to see how strong we are. "hmm….sasuke VS. naruto. VS. sakura and who ever wins gets to fight saya." kakashi said. Sasuke and naruto's fight was fierce then all of a sudden naruto won, next was sakura, I thought that sakura was going to win but she didn't! there was only one person left…me. "good luck" naruto said. "right back at you" I replied getting in a fighting stance. Naruto started to make hand signs and in a second ten shadow clones appeared. I balled up my fist and punched the ground. The shadow clones and the real naruto fell in the hole I made. "the winner is saya!" kakashi announced. "good match" naruto said climbing out of the hole." lets go get some ramen" kakashi sensei said. Sasuke and sakura were shocked that they lost to naruto. "hahahahah" I laughed. "what's so funny?" naruto asked. " look over there" I said giggling. naruto looked to sasuke and sakura. "oh wow" he said. When we reached the ramen shop sora-chan popped up. Me and naruto were in a middle of a conversation when sora said "" she said. I gave her the death glare. "die!" I screamed kicking her in the shins. "ow! you b***h!" she yelled "don't call me an b***h!" I said kicking her again. Naruto got a sweat drop. "are you guys always like this?" he asked stepping away. "of course! I just like to joke around with her." I said. "me too" she also said. "well I have to go" she said walling away. 2 hours later…. Me and naruto ate about 50 bowls of ramen when kakashi said we can have two days off. "potatoes!" I screamed. me and and naruto jumped for joy. "hey naruto do you want to go the water fall?" I asked "you bet" naruto yelled. When me and naruto left sakura and sasuke still had that shocked look on their face. When we reached the apt. we grabbed our camping stuff and left. It took some time to get there but it was worth it, the water falls were gleaming in the moon light. I went behind some bushes changing into my one piece bathing suit when I heard a weird noise, so I grabbed my kunai knife walking to the noise. I was a few inches away from the bush when kakashi sensei popped up out of nowhere. "what's up saya?" kakashi said casually. "what the hell?!" I screamed, I punched kakashi strait in the face only for him to use a substitution jutsu. (stupid perverted son of a--) I was cut off when I heard two people talking about ten feet from me so I walked towards it. "yes zetsu-sama?" a voice asked, I didn't recognized the voice so I got closer, there was an opening in the bushes so I looked through them also concealing my chakra. It was the new girl that joined our group, the man talking to her had a black cloak with red clouds, he had green pinchers sticking out of it. His skin was colored black and white. " do you have any information on the leaf village?" he asked. "yes" the new girl said. " I have all of squad sevens info. I watched them fight a bit ago I let that kid with the blond hair beat me like you told me to". I ran to naruto telling him everything I saw. Naruto and I ran back to the village pushing past people ignoring the stares too. We reached the hokage's office banging on the door. "hokage-sama, hokage-sama!" I yelled franticly. A single light appeared on the second floor. "w-what is it?" a gruffly voice asked. "we need to speak to you" I said looking at the window. " come back in the morning." "but it cant wait! There's a spy in the village" I said waiting for a reply, a minute later the front door opened. "come in" he said. Me and naruto followed to his office. "now tell me what happened" he said sitting down. After I told him my story of what happened in the forest he sighed a heavy sigh."kozu" he called out, in a puff of smoke out came a man with blue eyes and brown hair. "yes lord hokage?" he said. " send one of our ninja to capture the spy it the akatsuki" he said. " what?" "the new girl is the spy" "I'll shall find her lord hokage" the he poofed away.